More Info About the Xbox 360+ – 1TB HDD Rumor False and Not Happening

Xbox Evolved exclusive: Yesterday Xbox Evolved brought new light on a new Xbox 360 model rumored to be incoming under the name of Xbox 360+ or "plus" coming from programmer Ryan Geiss. We had contacted Ryan about the matter of that plus symbol and if it could have possibly just been a big mistake. When we tried to contact Mr. Geiss via his site to clear this up, something curious happened; we got a reply, but not from Ryan. This is what it said:

"He uses standard keyboard which have numeric keys on the right so typing 360+ could have been a mistake although this time you are right. X360+ is true. + is to show consumers that this X is something more than just a console << Something like that will be posted by Microsoft PR due time. (Probably on twitter since that will be more of a "personal" message). Also it will not have 1TB drive ;)"

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AridSpider5467d ago

yeah I figured that wasn't happening. 1TV 2.5" just got announced yesterday and its like $200 or something. ofc that couldnt happen

ABizzel15467d ago

Where did this rumor start. No duh there won't be a 1TB HDD when their still charging $100 for the 120GB. 1TB would be what at least $500.

theEnemy5467d ago

the PS3 can do a TB on $200ish.

As for the 360, it's awhole different story.

fr0sty5467d ago

If I remember right, it will take a firmware update for ps3 to see more than 320GB's, but that might be old info. they may have changed that since then.

Blaze9295467d ago

The most i suspect is 500GB. Where DID that 1TB rumor come from?...Pachter!

no_more_trolling5467d ago

this guy always is the first to post. u live on N4G?

Blaze9295467d ago

Alright this is getting interesting:

"x+ might get few movies (and/or music) on the hdd or free voucher to dl/stream them to the console (to make sure "not only a console" bullshit will be more real) but thats the no.3 topic right now. (no.2 is blu-ray cause of the pressure from media/customers). "

phosphor1125467d ago

1TB 2.5" HDD's are pricey... Hell, a 120 gig for the 360 is $150, how much would a TB cost??

HammockGames5466d ago

Nope, no firmware update needed for the PS3. I have a 500 GB in my PS3 and have since last year.

On the upside for 360 owners, you can get a 120 GB drive off ebay for $70-80 (brand new) if you shop around a little - I just picked one up last month.

AAACE55466d ago

500 Gb HDD is a lot more realistic and likely than a 1 Terabyte.

I don't think we will start seeing 1 Tb Hdd's until they start trying to allow you to download all your games instead of releasing a store bought copy.

Next gen is more likely! Prices would be more reasonable by then.

Blaze9295466d ago

yeah next gen is really the gen that people think will be all about digital distribution. If we're seeing it this much this gen, imagine next gen.

Maddens Raiders5466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

what to do, what to do, to keep your old machine up to date in these technologically demanding times....? Here's an idea: just offer the PS3 as an add on, to solve those technological woes & inefficencies. So it would naturally be the 360+ (PS3). That would be pretty cool.


Roper3165466d ago

if MS charges well over a 100 for a 120 gig HDD can you just imagine what they would charge for a TB HDD? I could probably buy a new house with that.

njr5466d ago

A hard drive they would sell more than the cost of any SKU, no thanks.

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Raitei5467d ago

i think it's a smart idea to make a distinction between your new revision of a console and the old. It really lets the consumer know that this is something different.

It could also hurt though, if they don't know well enough, they might think it wont play your normal 360 games... depends how it's marketed really. Oh, and if it's for real ofcourse.

fr0sty5467d ago

I'm starting to think it might have been a better idea to market it as a new name, but who knows.

Blaze9295467d ago

yeah that whole "more than just a console" really explains the +. I wonder what they mean by that though and just what has/will change on the Xbox 360+. Blu-ray would be a jaw dropper to us all

Cenobia5467d ago

So, if you don't have the 360+, doesn't that mean you have a 360-?

So many people are going to buy this regardless of what it is just because of the way it's hyped and then marketed. I never understood the reason behind buying another console that is essentially the same. That's why I never got a PS2 slim, and won't buy any 'updated' console (which completely goes against the point of consoles, btw) unless I accidentally drop my current one down a flight of stairs.

GiantEnemyCrab5467d ago

Nice work on the followup Xbox Evolved you are back in my favorites again.

fr0sty5467d ago

Glad we were finally able to get a bit of clarification... there was a bit of debate over whether or not a + could sneak in as a typo between us.