Command & Conquer 4 Remains PC Exclusive 'Right Now'

Electronic Arts has released the last few Command & Conquer games on both PC and consoles, so it's only natural some gamers are scratching their heads over the publisher's continued insistence Command & Conquer 4 will remain a PC exclusive. Their statements about the PC exclusivity, however, are continuing to leave the company wiggle room. Nothing about EA's responses to fans outright says it's not coming to consoles.

"C&C 4 is a PC exclusive right now," reads a Twitter response Command & Conquer community manager APOC made in response to a fan asking about a console version.

Slipping "right now" is a popular tactic amongst publishers who want to send a message to fans to not lose hope. The technology for a console version of Command & Conquer 4 is already in place, and while EA may be saying their latest sequel is remaining a PC exclusive, "right now" may simply signify "hey, we want to spotlight the PC for a while."

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Pandamobile3827d ago

Cool. RTS's belong on PC anyway. I must be hard controlling your guys when you can't use a mouse.

TheBand1t3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

I could see it working on a PS3 provided EA actually gives it KB/M support.

As far as I'm aware the PS3 is the only console that can support a USB keyboard.

Microsoft Xbox 3603827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

WTF are you talking about? Did you even play Red Alert 3 on a console? The controls were perfect and really easy to use. I found myself playing the game more on my console than I do on my PC because it was much more comfortable laying on my couch with a controller. Control layout were very good and simple too.

You anti controller gamers who can't adapt need to STFU so we can have more RTS games for consoles. I absolutely loved RA3 and I will most definitely buy RA4 day one this time for the PS3.

TheIneffableBob3827d ago

I played Red Alert 3 on the PS3 and thought the controls were terrible. RTS's with controllers just don't work.

Cwalat3827d ago

I hope they keep this exclusive to PC.

The only place where i would ever play an RTS..
Tried the Red Alert 3 demo on PSN, damn it was really difficult to control the troops. Some may find it working but i had hard time with it.

Command & Conquer 4 !

Can't WAIT! :D

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TheColbertinator3827d ago

Good.I thought CC3 on the 360 felt strange

Traveler3827d ago

I don't mind if it is on the consoles too, but it is nice to see the PC getting first dibs on this.

PotNoodle3827d ago

Please do, continue developing the game with nothing but PC's in mind.

mintrieri3827d ago

@DeathroW22 - Will do. ;)