UGO: Shadow Complex Preview

UGO writes: "Shadow Complex is "gamey." For instance, certain environmental roadblocks can only be dispensed with a specific weapon. You'll know which weapon to use by shining your trusty flashlight around and spotting colors that coincide tool (e.g. green objects can be taken down with a grenade). It definitely reminds you that you're playing a game, but that type of throwback seems fitting and draws keen awareness that Shadow Complex's nooks and crannies hide plenty of secrets".

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GiantEnemyCrab3825d ago

When is this coming out??

Me want!!

green3825d ago

Less than a month.SWEEEEET.

Cajun Chicken3825d ago

Nice. I've got points reserved for this and Serious Sam HD, any leftover points, if I have enough, I'll be tempted to get Splosion Man.