Neocrisis : Section 8 - Interview Part 1

Jazzking writes " In regards to all the other big FPS games coming out this holiday season (like ODST), why will Section 8 wipe the floor with them?

Our game, compared to a game like ODST, is about as far on the opposite spectrum of the shooter genre as two shooters can get. There is a lot of room for variety and uniqueness in the shooter genre, and we're out to prove that with Section 8.

The reality is that ODST is catering to existing Halo fans while we're going to inject some energy into the shooter genre at large. We are doing a lot of features with Section 8 that just don't exist in the Halo franchise at all. We have full bot support in our Multiplayer and Instant Action modes, and we are focusing on larger-scale conflicts, so we're going after segment of fans that have been ignored for a long time. If ODST is considered great vanilla ice cream, Section 8 is like delicious cookies & cream. Vanilla is tried and true and popular, but a lot of people crave something different, and that's what Section 8 will deliver.

Section 8 is going to have some incredible appeal, and gamers won't go back to vanilla afterwards."

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GiantEnemyCrab3827d ago

Another 360 title that doesn't seem to get mentioned much. Now with Splinter Cell delayed maybe this FPS can have a bit more spotlight. It is still going against ODST and MW2 which for any FPS is crazy but these guys seem really confident in Section 8.

I can't say the visuals are that inspiring so they must have some great game play mechanics going on.

TheColbertinator3827d ago

Yeah Section 8 sounds really unique from the rest.Its a shame that unique shooters dont get the same spotlight such run of the mill shooters like Cod and Killzone 2 get.

NewZealander3827d ago

didnt this company make the fear files expansion?

correct me if im wrong, but that expansion was terrible, im not getting my hopes up!

jazzking20013827d ago

ya they did
i know the made a few of the FEAR games
i dont know if all of them thou

Gamer_Politics3827d ago

i hope this game turns out worth playing

jazzking20013827d ago

i been playing the beta and its awesome

riceandbeans3827d ago

Looks pretty good. I'm looking forward to it.