IGN: Resident Evil 4 iPhone Review

IGN writes: "The obvious audience for Resident Evil 4 on iPhone is the hardcore gamer -- especially the hardcore gamer that is already a monster Resident Evil fan. Resident Evil 4 is an improvement over Degeneration. It looks much, much better thanks to better textures, improved animations, and the stages are not just a series of corridors and rooms. The controls, though, are a problem. The pacing is wonky because of all the virtual button tapping and lack of easy precision aiming. This is certain to disappoint a lot of gamers. I suspect the highlight reel design will also disappoint, but that's more of a problem with expectations than Capcom's design choices. At $7.99, I must resist recommending the game because it can be so frustrating to play. Should Capcom release a lite version, I suggest you try that out and see if you can manage the controls. There really is a good game in here. It's just struggling to get out".

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