The King of Fighters XII Ignites Your PS3 this Week (**Shane Bettenhausen // Ignition Entertainment)

"The fighting game gurus at SNK PLAYMORE have finally put the finishing touches on the PLAYSTATION 3 release of The King of Fighters XII, the long-awaited next-generation rebirth of this revered arcade fighting franchise. The game will be available at retail tomorrow, July 28th, and we here at Ignition Entertainment are thrilled to help bring this all-new hand-drawn 2D fighter to the North American market first. That's right; U.S. gamers will get their hands on the game before their counterparts in Asia and Europe…so early adopters can train for a few days to hone their skills before facing online challengers from KOF's Japanese homeland."

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Stunt4387d ago

I saw this game on sale in GameStop two or three days ago. Someone was buying it.