What the Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Tells Us


"Over here at EndSights, much like the rest of you (or not), we've taken a glance or fifty at the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Through all these looks, here are some of the things we've noticed in the trailer."

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originalrece3832d ago

that trailer was amazing, it amazed me just like the first multiplayer killzone video did... imagine the other 15 killstreak perk OMG an that one was at the BOTTOM of the list!!

Cwalat3832d ago

The trailer pretty much tells us that the online department will own.


xTruthx3832d ago

No doubt this game will be really good. Glad to this isnt a cod4 with new maps

jmare3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Isn't this exactly what it it, or are you being sarcastic?

And isn't that what most CoD heads want anyway: a suped-up version of 4?

el_bandito3832d ago

I'd certainly get this one....but certainly wouldn't go for their Prestige Edition with the goofy goggles.

Maddens Raiders3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

too bad I get completely pwn'd at COD4 D:

Love the ending of that video lol...

GameGambits3832d ago

Finally! Multiplayer information and it being shown off. I knew before they said a thing that the single player would be great, but I don't buy FPS' for their storylines lol. I rent them for that and buy them for insane multiplayer.

This trailer made me more leaning towards possibly buying it, but again that will depend on if they really push the sequel to new heights and not just cash in on something that was successful first time around.

If they said the game will have confirmed dedicated servers I'm sold. That's all it takes for me to want to buy a multiplayer shooter game anymore is knowing that dedicated servers are there, because I can't stand laggy games where the host is from Kuwait on 14kb/sec connection or he quits the game out because his butt is sore from getting owned...

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Pandamobile3832d ago

I hope we can blow up the Jesus statue. (as a set piece in the single player)

interrergator3832d ago

i cant wait for this game midnight launch definitely

dannyhinote_133832d ago

For sure. I'm so pumped for this game.

deadreckoning6663832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

As of right now, Killzone 2 is my online fps of choice. This trailer possibly changed that, but I'll proly boycott it unless they make the PS3 version EQUAL to the 360 least graphics-wise. There wasnt too big of a difference in graphics in the first Modern Warfare on both consoles, but World at War was a slap to PS3 owners in my opinion. The 360 version looks night and day better than the PS3 one.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213832d ago

not sure what you are talking about... they both are nearly identical

the difference is just like COD4, which there is almost no difference in between both version

Sarcasm3832d ago

The PS3 version of CODWAW had bump mapping, it was nearly absent in the 360 version. That helps the games look more 3Dimensional and not as flat.

So either version had it's ups and downs, but overall the differences are so minimal it's stupid to argue over.

jmare3832d ago

It tells us that IW is the true CoD developers and that it's going to be be pretty much a tweaked version of CoD4 MP. If you liked it, you'll think it's awesome. If you didn't, this probably won't change your mind. Also, the AC-130 looks like it's going to be pretty cheap unless there is some huge blancing going on.

swiftshot933832d ago

you need a 11 kill streak to acquire use of the AC130

mistajeff3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I was hoping for some more dynamic environmental destruction instead of just destructible objects, something akin to KZ2's environmental destruction. It doesn't really affect the gameplay so it's not an issue or anything, but it'd make you feel the impact of the explosions a lot more. Like that telephone pole in next to that one scene, that thing would've gotten blown to hell, but it's still just awkwardly sitting there after the explosion.

I fully realize that I'm splitting way too many hairs here.. but I'm supposed to be studying for my finals for my summer classes and I'd much rather over-analyze video games to the point of oblivion. Also I just wanna make it clear that I'm not trying to sh!t-talk the game, I really can't wait for it, I'm just on a lot of ritalin right now.

Hockey113832d ago

Bad Company 2 is want you want then.

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The story is too old to be commented.