Is The Rise in XBLA Game Prices Due to A Rise in Quality?


"Last week, Kotaku ran an interesting piece examining the rising price of Xbox Live Arcade games. Over here at EndSights, it got us thinking: Is the rise in price due to an overall rise in game quality? On average, across the platform, the answer yes - but only slightly so."

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lloyd_sr13830d ago

Lol. That is ridiculous. How about giving me more quality as a consumer who expects it, nonetheless... without raising the price.

Stop bending over

AAACE53830d ago

As of late, I rarely find games I want to pay for. I also look for them to get discounted.

These companies are really trying to push the digital downloads to hurt companies like Gamestop. But for someone like me, I like to be able to trade a game in when I am done with it, because there are rarely any games I like to keep after I beat them. Alot of games (Especially single player) aren't worth the prices they charge, so I usually wait until I like the price before I buy it! I still think that games with single player and multiplayer should be $60, and all single player games should be around $40-$50.

Their new focus on downloads will kill the industry as we know it. Because developers will mainly target the genre's that are popular. Effectively killing off innovation. This could also lead to the often rumored "1 console future" that keeps getting brought up!

FamilyGuy3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

There's definitely been an influx of better games lately (on both HD systems). Notably, Shadow Complex, Battle Field and that upcoming Alien Breed Evolution. I don't agree with the "price hike" but developer SHOULD get to choose what they think their game as worth just as much as we get to choose if we think it's worth the cost.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3830d ago

LMAO Kotaku is spinning the facts up again.

Keep defending Micro$oft you lemmings,its hopeless for that sinking ship.

Ninji3830d ago

It's definitely not because of a "rise" in quality. It's more because Microsoft knows that the xbots will pay for anything. I mean they pay for pictures, wallpaper, ads, laggy P2P servers, and now avatar clothes (which they said they wouldn't charge for).

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The story is too old to be commented.