Project Natal: The Savior of Gaming?

I4U writes: "So what does this downturn mean for you, the humble gamer? Only good things. A steep dive in console sales is going to make manufacturers drop prices to stimulate purchases and improve peripheral sales. I think we'll also see a sharp increase in the number of manufacturers that take to selling their products primarily online."

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shocky163828d ago

Infact I'm excited about Natal, but please please.. Sony,MS don't let motion controls become standard..

Gamertags3828d ago

Gaming doesn't need saving. Errr Another article written by some kid who needs some hits on his site.

Gaming is good no matter what! Natal is going to be a very awesome addition to gaming and to the 360. Nice addition, interesting new ways to play but not the savior.

Timesplitter143828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I threw up when I read the title of the article.

I'm genuinely sad about the direction gaming takes. It feels cheap and boring , and I don't think having no button at all a good thing. Not only the tools used for gaming but the games aswell , I didn't like a lot of the games this gen and I really think Natal isn't going to help.
I remember a time when gaming was about exploration , skill , strategy ,challenge. Not all games had this but it was different. Most games this gen are about innovation and graphics.
I am sad.

CaptainKratos3828d ago

i threw up, then laughed and then i threw up again!!!haha.

CaptainKratos3828d ago

then laughed.^^^ then guess what boys and girls i threw

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Sonyslave33828d ago

Don't worry MS said like a 100 times Natal won't be placeing the xbox 360 controller.

lloyd_sr13828d ago

Natal will go the way of the dinosaur. How am I supposed to play COD with no controller?

whothedog3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Ricochet :)

I think Natel is meant for a more casual experience. or adding on some features to hardcore games like maybe facial recognition.

Greywulf3828d ago

FPS/TPS/RPG all need controls.

DevastationEve3828d ago

Voice command can easily replace menu-driven controls in RPGs and RTSs (as proven with End War) that are normally mapped to cramped controllers. In an FPS game it could be used for interacting with NPCs and environment context features (like light switches).

Motion tracking can be used in scope/zoom views as you aim, instead of mapping that to the 2nd analog. It can also be used for gesture recognition (like Minority Report) in video editing and splitting of clips (like how Cruise navigates the precog composite feedback).

It's true that Natal won't replace the controller...but who ever said that it has to? The two can be fused together to make one awesome experience. Afterall it's pretty much just a machine interpreting your movements and voice commands, it's not like you have to put down the controller to use it.

Timesplitter143828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Face it : Natal cannot be used to play hardcore games. Could you play Quake 3 Arena with Natal? You better not, because God would probably kill you for doing that.

Natal can be used for small "let's try something with motion controls!" games. Party games, for example. It's just not versatile/precise/fast enough to play hardcore games.

DevastationEve3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

4 disagrees...some PS3 fanboys are already feeling the sweat of Natal shoving more PS3's into lonely closets.

That's cool, bring on the disagrees. It won't stop Natal from succeeding.

Yep! One more disagree, one more fanboy silently marking off a pretend victory.

callahan093828d ago

@ Apocalay...

None of those functions even utilize Natal to the fullest (that is, those functions don't rely on 3D spacial tracking). All of that stuff could be done with the Playstation Eye.

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GiantEnemyCrab3828d ago

I'm excited to see what becomes of it but I wouldn't put any "savior of gaming" tag on it. I think expectations and hype need to be tempered until we see and hear more about it. It's still a ways away.

Omega43828d ago

Natal will give the 360 a lot more variety, but gaming doesnt need saving