BREAKING: Kotaku Suit Goes Bye-Bye Over Thompson Screw-up reports that the Federal District Court Judge Paul Huck has dismissed a complaint filed yesterday against Gawker Media, parent company of the popular Kotaku game blog. In his ruling, Judge Huck wrote that controversial attorney Jack Thompson had failed to follow the proper federal court procedure for amending a complaint.

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kornbeaner4190d ago

Why does he keep trying, I have nothing but extreme pity for him.

I also feel for his son. He claims that his son is 14, WOW jack way to go make those akward years for your son a little more akward!!!!

Stop being an ass and enjoy your life.

darkvenom4190d ago

is he even a Lawyer?!!! He doesen't even know how to follow proper procedure!no wonder he fails at everything he tries to do against the gaming world.

PS360WII4190d ago

:( the link brought me to gaming polictics but all I got to read on the story was Error 404 - Not Found...

Anyway good to hear that not only does JT not know how to be a fair and partial lawyer he also just plain doesn't know how to be a lawyer.

ryanjtravis4190d ago

Same here - just a 404 error for me. Did they pull the article or is it just a bad link?

Firewire4190d ago

What a moron! Tells you about how good
a lawyer he is!
The article was pulled because he
probably threatened to sue them!

BIadestarX4190d ago

This guys is just trying to see where he can get money from. Yeah... that and media attention.

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