Dragon Quest IX Sales Climb To 3.2 Million

Dragon Quest IX is well on its way to earning the coveted title of the best-selling DS game in Japan. Honestly, who would have expected otherwise? Famitsu parent Enterbrain today reports that unit sales in the region have crossed the 3.2 million mark, a figure that represents sales from July 11 to July 26.

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RememberThe3573828d ago

That is a whole lot of Dragon Quest. The only one I've played was 8, which was freakin awesome. I want to see in on consoles again.

MasterChief36243828d ago

Indeed that is quite a massive amount... D:

I had no idea Dragon Quest was so popular over there until I listened to a podcast and they were talking about the schools have a day off whenever the game releases, because they know most of the kids will be buying and playing Dragon Quest, haha.

Even with that knowledge, though, this is ridiculous XD

Saaking3828d ago

Imagine what FF XIII will do for PS3 in Japan

desolationstorm3828d ago

DQ has been selling way more then FF in japan. You are right though FFXIII will help the ps3 a lot in japan. I wonder though for how long will the spike last and how big of a spike. I imagine a lot of people who plan to buy ffXiii might have bought a ps3 to play the demo when that was released.

Its crazy just how big DQ is in Japan. Im excited for this game to come out here then it will be the wait for DQX.

On the subject of games helping systems will MH3 knock off DQXI? I think it will but who knows.

bankai3828d ago

DQ has always been one of the most popular names in japan. if you have DQ7 for the PSone, just look at the back of the case. it will tell you that its the highest selling "japanese" playstation game of all time.