Do You Listen to Music Whilst Gaming?

An article which discusses whether you listen to music whilst gaming.

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qface643836d ago

i don't just ruins things for me
unless im playing a game that only has like 1 track in it

Ninji3835d ago

Like Blue Dragon? lol

qface643835d ago

exactly at first i thought it was a catchy tune now its just annoying

glennc3835d ago

depends on the game. a game like skate 2 yes. FPS no.

if the music adds to the game experience like movie music then yes, if it gets in the way of hearing in game sounds then no. but internet radio is better than most in game music, so that's usually what i listen to.

Pandamobile3835d ago

Music distracts me from what I really need to hear.

a_squirrel3835d ago

what I want is to listen to ingame music, when I'm NOT ingame

(played Mirrors Edge demo last night, I love the menu music)

Pandamobile3835d ago

There's places where you can download it. I'm pretty sure it's an unlicensed song.

knox3835d ago

not unless the music is really bad, i like to listen to game music usually

Admiral_Benson3835d ago

No, i wouldn't as it takes away from the gaming experience.

On a sidenote there's nothing more annoying when you're playing online and some other moron is playing music in the backgound and that's all you can hear over their mic!

God bless the day the "mute" feature became available!