GT300 to launch in Q4 2009

Once more we have confirmed that the chip that we call GT300 is on schedule to launch in 2009. The way it looks now the chip should be launching roughly in November timeframe and of course it will be a high end product.

Nvidia has put in a lot of effort in order to beat ATI and keep the performance leadership, as this is something it cannot afford to lose.

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a_squirrel3838d ago

Not gonna buy, so I don't really care

Pandamobile3838d ago

I bet ATI's flagship offering will be slightly less powerful than Nvidia's but ATI is known for better pricing, so we'll see.

Kakkoii3838d ago

Well, ATI's is just another transistor count increase. While Nvidia's is supposed to be a total redesign, and if rumors are true, almost revolutionary. So I'm pretty sure Nvidia is going to dominate this first DX11 round. But again, yeah well see as there still haven't been any leaked prototype cards.

Pandamobile3837d ago

Well, I guess Nvidia was in need of a redesign. Since the G80 series the GPU's have just been getting the shrinking process every year or so.

Wasn't the RV700 series a full scale redesign?

Major_Tom3837d ago

It's just gonna end up that the DX11 ATi cards are going to have better scalability with over-clocking. So even if the initial specs aren't exactly as according to Nvidia's the price point and overclocking will be.

Kakkoii3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Nope, the HD 2000 was ATI's last architecture change up. Nvidia and ATI did it both around the same time. Nvidia with it's 8000 and ATI with it's HD 2000 series. They implemented unified shader architecture. Allowing for GPGPU programming. Such as Nvidia's CUDA, or the Open Source Coding Language.

So both teams are due in for an architecture revamp.

@Major_Tom: Overclocking hardly matters when it comes to GPU's. If it mattered much, then ATI would be winning since on average the stock clocks on their cards are 100-300mhz more than Nvidia's offerings. It's architecture and drivers that matter the most.

ATI is really going to loose this round if everything pans out as speculated so far. The only thing they have going for them right now is that they will most likely be the first out with a DX11 card, which gives them a good head start in the market.

NeoCloud3837d ago

I have the 9800GT 1GB card, most of my games work really well, even Crysis, should i buy GT275/295 or wait for the new GT300 ???

Kakkoii3837d ago

@NeoCloud: 100% Definitely wait.

NeoCloud3837d ago

Thank u, Do u think the GT300 will be DX11?? i am quite happy with my 9800GT its a great card, cant wait to see how the GT300 will be like, i cant wait to play Diablo 3, Doom 4 [i know its along way off] etc.

Major_Tom3837d ago

Eh... I think a 8600GT (or lower) could handle D3 IMO.

Kakkoii3837d ago

@NeoCloud: Yes, the GT300 series will definitely be DX11. It would be an INCREDIBLY stupid move for Nvidia not to.

Major_Tom3836d ago

ATi usually has better drivers over all. Not forgetting to mention ATi's averages are HIGHER than Nvidia's even though Nvidia's offering are usually more money.

Also Nvidia usually has over all more theoretical power however at mid-range and high-ranged cards Nvidia left alot to desire. All in all ATi from my understanding really rocked Nvidia in the DX10 generation. While Nvidia is going to get the headstart, how many of those people are willing to be early adapters (post beta volunteers).

Anyway DX10 was a dud, here's hoping DX11 doesn't follow suit.

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M337ING3838d ago

Hopefully NVIDIA and ATI start paying off or buying devs to make PC exclusives to take advantage of the new hardware. Because as of now, there isn't much of a reason for a pc gamer to upgrade past the current generation of video cards...

Pandamobile3837d ago

Besides being a hell of a lot of fun.

I look forward to a new PC component now moreso than I did Christmas when I was a kid.

likedamaster3837d ago

I don't even know why I upgrade my cards anymore. Games @max only to "blue screen" when the newer games drop. And then back to upgrading, just so I can max games. A vicious circle I tell ya!

TheIneffableBob3836d ago

This generation has been kinder to our wallets, though. I got my graphics card a couple years ago for like $180 and it still runs the latest games at max settings.

REALgamer3837d ago

Graphically PC games still stay fairly in sync with consoles as many major PC games are released on console as well, so when the new generation of consoles come along they have a major graphical leap almost overnight (eg: when the 360 launched suddenly PC games took as jump in visuals such as Oblivion).

This console generation looks like it will be prolonged for a while because of the recession, so I doubt visually there'll be too much advancement in the next few years for PC even though more powerful hardware keeps coming out regularly.

That's why I recently bought a PC despite DX11 coming soon - prices are fantastic for both CPUs (I got Core i7 920) and GPUs (My choice was 2 x ATi 4890s in Crossfire), and I doubt DX11 will have much of an impact for a years as even DX10 isn't very prevalent in games yet as the current consoles don't support it. DX10 in PC games is still generally just a bonus or slightly improves performance.

So yeah, after all that, I can't justify spending a lot to get an Nvidia GT300 or ATi 5000 when current hardware is going to last for a good while due to the state of the industry. And hey, down the line can just add another card if needed for multi-GPUs.

Kakkoii3837d ago

It all depends on how much of an enthusiast you are. Some of less like to try and get the newest hardware so we can play at even higher settings. Even with a Core i7 920 @4GHz and 4 GTX 285 in SLI and 12GB of DDR3 RAM. You still can't play the Crysis series at max settings/resolution/AA/AF. And there's a few other games that you can't do that on also.

And it hardly follows along with consoles. There were much more visually impressive games before Oblivion. That game was merely impressive due to it's scale, which is because it's an Elder Scrolls game.

The reason DX10 isn't very present in games still is because the adoption rate of Vista was and still is piss poor. Then there's the fact that it is very difficult and time consuming to convert your game engine from DX9 or lower, to DX10. Plus DX10 didn't really introduce all that much incentive to upgrade in the first place. So overall, there was hardly any reason for a developer to move to DX10.
With DX11 and it's many performance optimizations, GPGPU capabilities, hardware tessellation and more, there is a lot more incentive. And if Windows 7 adoption goes smoothly, which it seems to be, it will ensure DX11's success. But yeah, your safe waiting until the next generation of DX11 cards in mid to late 2010. But there are supposedly at least a few DX11 titles coming out by the end of this year.

Gitaroo3837d ago

I will just wait for a mainstream price high end card like how the 8800 GT was to come out before I get a new PC.

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