InsideGamer Reports: Sony Denies Entry of Prepaid Cards for the PS3 (Europe) writes: "According to several websites, the prepaid cards for the PlayStation 3 are available in Europe on October 1. We had contact with Sony PlayStation and they deny these rumors. According to the company they are working on finding a solution to download games from the PlayStation Store without you in possession of a credit card.

Unfortunately, we still have to wait for a solution. In the United States and Asia they already used prepaid cards."

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The Hunter3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

We must wait till GamesCom, then it is all clear.. That there will come a solution to buy games instead of a creditcard is a FACT!!.. But we must wait now!

The_Perverted_Ninja3836d ago

The solution is get a bank account and a debit card like every other person on Earth who has money... JK im so mean I know :P

gumgum993835d ago

wow, Europe still doesn't have the PSN cards?

That kinda sucks. I remember when it took forever for the PSN cards to get to the states, so I can sympathize with the wait.