Call of Duty: The Civil War?

From Nothing But Shooters: "In regards to subsequent titles after MW2, it appears that Treyarch's next stab at the franchise may center on the Vietnam War with possible espionage missions based on The Cold War era, and I have previously suggested that Future Warfare would be received well, should it be the decided direction when the series inevitably shifts gears again.

But what about the Civil War? Would this be a viable course for the franchise at some point in the future?"

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labaronx3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

cause god knows everyone wants to play a game where every gun, rifles and pistols, only fires one shot and then a 3 minute reload...

Supernatural243828d ago

which leads to my proposal of before that..hehe

Polluted3828d ago

It worked alright for Call of Juarez.

SinnedNogara3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )


They need to continue the series to the end of WWII, or set the new games in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Invasion of Panama, or Desert Storm. That would be awesome.

I don't want to see future warfare. And after that I want the Call of Duty series to take a break. Infinity Ward should work on a new IP instead of Call of Duty 8. Treyarch should too. I want a new Infinity Ward game.

phosphor1123828d ago

Lets all pay 60 bucks for a game in which we stand in line, fire once, then go through a quick time event to reload. WOOT.

BattleAxe3828d ago

Well at least you would have to use teamwork :)

Syronicus3827d ago

The only way they made those movies interesting was with gore and about 12 different camera angles. There is no way that making a COD game in the Civil War era would be fun or at least as fun as the WWII and Modern Warfare games. They need to get their butts to Vietnam.

Fox013827d ago

Call of Duty : Gang Warfare, would be nice.

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Supernatural243828d ago

Why not?

CoD is one of the best war franchises out there and so heading to the Civil War would be cool.

On a sarcastic side note, once they're done with that one, they should out to the gladiator era :D Where I may throw you a rock and you hit me with a stick, along with some spears fighting with the addition of swords and the galloping horses...

and mean huge tigers!

Oh! Oh! Cavemen versus beasts like sabertooths! Build a raft and sail into the ocean, and get swallowed up by the Meg!!

Ok, I'll shut up now :)

chisox1003828d ago

Well the standard Union army rifle fired 4 shots per minute so that would not work out too well.

Spanish American war could work but the most efficient gun would be something along the lines of CODWAW's Springfield rifle.

WWI would be the best choice since there were guns like the Thompson and Arisaka around back then so WWI is possible. Not to mention the trench warfare from WWI is badass.

The Korean war could work becuase the tech is almost the same as WWII and it wouldnt be a hard change for Treyarch

STK0263828d ago

can you tell me whats so "badass about trench warfare"? is it the stalemate, the sniperfest or the wait for the inevitable death when your commanding officer orders you to charge?

I agree with everything you said, except for that trench warfare part. Trench warfare was hell, both armies had high losses for very few gains, if any. It makes WWI somewhat boring, mostly when compared to WWII and if a CoD game were to be made about WWI, entrenched battles would most likely be the hardest part to integrate in the game without boring the hell out of the average gamer.

PainisCupcake3827d ago

Thompson in WWI? You know when that weapon went into production and when WWI ended right?

chriski3333828d ago

i knew they would be thinking of doing a civil war game i think its stupid what reloading a musket takes 1 min or more to reload not cool thumbs down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blow Out Your Brains3828d ago

The best possible solution would be COD: Vietnamese Warfare

Kornholic3828d ago

And the gamer would get to play on the winning side! Which was the communist Vietnam!

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