The BBPS: The King of Fighters XII Review

The BBPS writes: "As you may have seen, I was lucky enough to play King of Fighters XII a little early. Fighting fans, including myself, have been anxiously awaiting this game for quite a while. Personally, I was looking forward to the smoother gameplay like that of more recent KoF installments, and silky, hand-drawn graphics. My heart was pounding as my PS3 booted the game up, but I was left scratching my head after a few hours of playing time. Hit the link for the full article."

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FamilyGuy3827d ago

The score itself looks really bad when compared to what blazblue has been receiving. I bet if Mai was in this game it'd get a point higher...

Rock Bottom3827d ago

Ok! I wasn't expecting much from the reviews, we all know KoF is made for KoF fans. But, for someone who calls himself a fighting fan, that was a shallow review, he barely talked about gameplays.

He started by bashing the art direction, then praised the graphics, then started to complain about it!!! And that was like 70% of the review.

GameGambits3826d ago

I've posted my thoughts on KoF12 in several places here on N4G in great detail. Most of these reviews aren't hitting on what people who would want to buy it need to know, so for anyone interested try checking my comment history to find them as it is pretty recent.

Sum up without much detail:
Online is broken
Offline content is missing
Character balance issues a plenty
5 battle arenas
4 character colors per character
A total of maybe 6-7 soundtracks
Collision Detection issues
No cancel selection button
Can't spectate matches until a match is over when u join room.

There's more things wrong, but stacked up against any fighting game so far this year, last year, or any past KoF series entries this is a BIG fail thus far. The game could get a bump up in review points IF it had worked on the online netcode to be near perfect like Arc Systems had with Blazblue. ArcSystems realized even before starting work on BlazBlue that if the netcode sucked for their game then it would fail in the west. Guess SNK was never meant to make it big next gen and I feel like a moron for wasting 60 bucks on this game.

ErcsYou3826d ago

What about the things KOF12 does right?... I think the pixels are beautiful, not blazblue beautiful but coming from a old school gamer, it takes me right back to those 2D days.. online gets patched soon so no worrys. The fighting system is so much fun and critical combos are hot..