Sony announces the launch of PS3 in India

Sony India is up to please the dedicated gaming fans in the subcontinent with announcement of the eagerly awaited launch of its much hyped PlayStation 3. Along with the PS3 hardware, a software line up of over 12 first- and third-party titles will be available nationwide, said the company in a press release.Popular demand and shortage in supply of the gaming console in countries where it was initially launched had some gamers saving for months, queuing up for hours to lay their hands on the device and still meeting disappointment as the supply just did not seem enough....

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kingofps34284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

One more territory conquered.

Black Republican4284d ago

are you kiddng which territory has the PS3 conqured???

yes in europe launch month it might win that month in europe
but the u.s. and japan and everywhere else its Nintendo buddy

AuburnTiger4284d ago

Seriously, is this country really big into electronics let alone gaming? Hell, when I think of India i'm thinking third world, monkey brains and the temple of Doom.

nix4284d ago

sar! do you need a credit card? q:

well... you're thoughts about india is quite wrong. you never know they might 'outsource' your job there and leave you jobless.

hfaze4284d ago

You would be surprised with the truth about India then... They have been enjoying enormous growth in the customer service and tech sectors, as well as a booming pharmaceutical industry.

Rural India is still kinda third-world, but their cities are hustling and bustling... Thanks to all the jobs that went from here to there... =P

nix4284d ago

the 40,000k (indian rupees) is way too expensive!!! that's equal to paying rent for next ten months!! and that's only a console!

40k is equal to 500 pounds and more than 850 dollars! looks like sony is trying to recuperate from all the losses they made by selling consoles in india. sigh!

sak5004284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

Well with all the 20 consoles sold there, it would hardly make profit. Where people sleep on the sidewalks at night who has time to buy such an expensive thing.

artman4284d ago

well, same as my country, but there is also a rich people there who can afford everything... you wouldn't believe what the rich people do in my country...

kornbeaner4284d ago

I have to agree, India does not seem like a place where there will be a heavy movement of consoles. I know that there are people who can afford these products there but the majority of people there are living somewhat a wholesome life where only the main requirements for life are need and wanted(food, water, home, religion).

Am not sure such a luxuary item will find mass success there.

Bhai4284d ago

PSPs and PS2s have been shown several of times in differing product ads...especially PS2 is the talk of the folk. Several medical programs occasionally talk about PS2 when discussing something over children's sitting postures while playing games etc. The word 'games' is synonymous with the word 'PS2'. A great Pakistani artist writes that when he is tired of work, late in the night, he plays PS2 for artistic inspirations on many frontiers...

...people in both Pakistan and India are ready for PS3, remarkably for a great backward compatibility(over 1000s of titles) and the most diverse number of quality titles. Indians are computer freaks and I'm sure the PC-like features of PS3 are definitely gonna make a mark there. Already there are a remarkable number of PS3 imports, in Pakistan, an imported PS3 comes with a catalogue of 15 titles. That's AWESOME !!!

sak5004284d ago

The reason of their popularity being the games of ps2 cost Rs.100 which is less than $2. 99% of the consoles sold are modified to play pirated games. If the ps3 can be modified and the games are available for even $10 there then it will be quite successful. But if the games alone cost $60 = Rs.3600, which is on the average 1/3 of salary people get there then i highly doubt it, that many units will be sold.

nix4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

playstation awareness exists because of the low price. you can buy games for 1 dollars. that's 40 bucks (indian rupees)!

40k is way way too expensive. knowing the society there... there will be some buyers because they have enough money and they will buy it mostly to show-off! plus still no news about PSN for india. how will they get their firmware upgrades from?

i think they sold PS3 in singapore with cheaper price tag. most will probably import it from singapore.

maybe Wii will be a great success. it's cheap and it's mostly for families/kids.

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