What is the future of display technologies?

"The sense of immersion in First Person Shooters are very limited as the monitor is not the same shape as the human eye. There are also 3D cues present in the real world, that do not translate well into these games today either.

Gamers are familiar with these issues, and still play these games despite displays drawbacks."

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a_squirrel3830d ago

I say, either 3d without glasses, or glasses that have the screen in them

N4g_null3830d ago

This is a VR dilemma.

The biggest problem is and will always be natural movement. So even if we to fix the displays then there will be that problem. Yet there are even solution for all of this.

I saw the curved monitor it was cool but I hate the resolution. I think what the author forgets is if I can not feel the sun light or the wind blowing across my skin then we will not see true immersion and thus all of this will be a gimmick also.

A movie format monitor could change all of that. It would be similar to playing on a projector system sitting 5 feet away LOL.