Top Cow announces Darkness sequel in the works

Here's a great indicator of how slowly the wheels can occasionally turn. During Top Cow Productions' Comic-Con panel, head of the comic publisher, Marc Silvestri, was finally able to announce that a follow-up to The Darkness (based on the Top Cow IP) was in the works. We're not surprised if the news has a familiar ring to it: The company hinted at a sequel during the 2008 NYCC ... 15 months ago.

In more immediate news, the company announced that the original game would soon be added to the greatest hits value line-up on PS3 and Xbox for $29.99.

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Nineball21123835d ago

I really liked the first one.

I got it a bit late, so there was NO multiplayer... but the SP campaign was very good.

I'll definitely be looking for this one when it comes out.

Persistantthug3835d ago

This is a $20 game, and I ended up buying Unreal Tournament 3. Even though Unreal is rated pretty high, I never really got into the game. I shoulda got THE DARKNESS instead.

Anybody wanna trade?


LeShin3835d ago

I loved the first one!

Vicophine3835d ago

I loved the first one, cannot wait for #2!

Go Jackie!! :D

Kakihara3835d ago

Sweeet. I heard talk of a sequel a while ago but thought it had been dropped.

To anyone who hasn't played the first one yet you really should pick it up (with it being super cheap now too). If you like beautiful looking games with great atmosphere and excellent story you'll love the Darkness. I mean, it's got Mike Patton as a heart eating demon, who couldn't love it?

The_Zeitgeist3833d ago