First Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Gameplay Videos

The newest old-school Shin Megami Tensei title for the DS shows much promise.

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Light Yagami3829d ago

Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!

Chris3993829d ago

If it wasn't for my DS(i); I would be weeping from the lack of JRPG love this gen.

Seriously though, I have like over a dozen RPGs still to plod through on the system. My Wii is a bit of a disappointment in this area, and the HD epics are slowly trickling out now on the PS3/ 360, but the flood of DS JRPGs seems endless.

Couldn't be happier with my DS.

GameGambits3828d ago

I prefer the art style and play of what I've seen of Devil Survivor for DS more than this. Either way though seems the PSP and DS keep raking in on a plethora of great RPG titles. Wish the big 3 would follow up the portables strong presence with their own. :(

Homicide3829d ago

The art style is great. I didn't expect the demons to be animated. Well it looks like we will be seeing more MegaTen titles on the DS. I mean having over 300 animated demons for one game looks like a waste.

Gun_Senshi3829d ago

Mr Shin Megami Tensei, give us Persona 5 on Next Gen Consoles (PS3 & X360)


Reibooi3829d ago

I'm pretty sure P5 will be PS3 game or at worst PS2 but most likely PS3. Despite how incredible Strange Journey is looking on DS I can't help but think that P5 on the DS would be a massive step backwards for the series especially after all the steps that P4 took to improve the Persona formula.

STK0263829d ago

I'm somewhat new to the SMT series, my first one being Persona2, so I didn't really expect it to look like Class of heroes...hopefully it will suite my taste better, since I hated Class of heroes...

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