Review: The Conduit...The Big Fish … With Guns (TGH)

TGH writes:
"Hype can be a very dangerous thing, and there isn't any game currently out for the Wii right now that was released with more hype than Sega's latest, "The Conduit." It was supposed to be the salvation for the hardcore gamers that are willing to venture to the Kingdom of the Wii. It's a AAA-level, FPS on a party-game console that's basically running last generation's tech. Does it live up to everything we were told it was going to be? Is it the must-play Wii game of the summer for "core gamers"? Will the world come to an end with Washington D.C. as the epicenter? Am I really going to end this opening paragraph with a self-referential question?

In terms of Wii games, "The Conduit" went big. Everything from the story to the production values were much bigger than gamers have come to expect on the Wii, and it proved that there is a lot of potential left for a console that has been on the market for almost three years now. From graphics to gamplay, "The Conduit" pushes the Wii's capabilities from every angle.

One of the biggest..."

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EvilTwin3832d ago

Another review that would translate to a 90 metascore. I think 75-85 (give or take a point or two) is as much as this deserves. After all, it's a small developer's first big project, launched into a crowded field, no less.

The review is spot-on about the controls (how some reviewers -coughGameInformercough -- actually wished for dual analog tells me they're just not very good at aiming), and the graphics, too.

But there aren't any critiques on the art style and level structure (this is a by the numbers corridor shooter), and although the story's not that great.

For me, the multiplayer makes up for just about every shortcoming of the single player mode. But the game still has faults. Hopefully they get resolved for a sequel.