The Bender Podcast – Comic Books Copycats, Be in Rock Band, and Black Football

Binge Gamer writes: The Bender brings you many many topics this week, including arguments over the title of the "Black College Football" game released, Rock Band supporting indie artists, Perry explaining how much of a better game BlazBlue is over Street Fighter IV, and so much comic book news, information, and randomness spread throughout the show. Enjoy our 50th episode!

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Comic Con: Resident Evil 6, Halo Anime, Iron Man 2 by Sega, DC Universe Online, Sam Raimi to Direct World of Warcraft movie


Be EA Vip for $5. Black College Football – Not a racist game.. but a racist title?. Also, EA Sports sued by former players.
Get your music in Rock Band and get paid!
Top Selling Games of 2009 (so far) Hold No Surprises
Double Fine Sues Activision
Valve sez… Let Players Fund Game Development
G-Phoria Voting Started Monday


Ken Levine's Next Project is 'Very Ambitious', says Ken Levine
Bayonetta Delayed Until 2010
Sony Considered Two Nubs for PSP Go
Metalocalypse Game Promises to be Most Metal Game Ever
A Modern Warfare 2 Controller?! Nothing is Safe From Activision

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