IncGamers Review - Wii Sports Resort

IncGamers' Tim McDonald heads out to the Wii Sports Resort in search of some summer fun.

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AndyA3829d ago

Good score. Really enjoying the table tennis and bowling in this.

asdr3wsfas3829d ago

The table tennis is great, but I'm shocked you didn't mention the sword fighting. It's ridiculously addictive.

Gr813829d ago

The Air Plane. I'm addicted to that game. Makes me very excited about how they can approach star fox..or even Factor 5 can do a rogue squadron game.

asdr3wsfas3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I was gonna skip the airplane till you said it or my gf got back to dogfight. My God that is great! They need to make a flight sim using this. The jet ski game is incredible. Turning the wiimote throttles! I ride a motorcycle so naturally I love this. And I used to play waverace obsessively for n64.

I am so glad I bought a wii. I've had it 2 months and it really hasn't disappointed.

Gr813827d ago

You bought up Wave Race 64..that is perhaps my favorite sim racer of all time, seriously. Because of that game I actually got into jet skiing. Every time I go on vacation I have to rent a waverunner.

I'm telling you that flight game in Resort is just too awesome, very relaxing and addicting. Here's something cool; Fly as high as you can, until that warning comes on screen to turn back to the island, and then cut the engine, lol. You start free falling and if you time it right you can actually have a smooth landing on the water know just for kicks.

With the Sword Play its also awesome, in duel mode when its all tied up and the platform shrinks in size, imagine it was a star wars game or Zelda and the battle was over lava lol, I mean really you just need alil imagination to see exactly where things can go. The sky is the limit. There is no excuse for devs making crap Wii games anymore, this will expose those with talent and substance as well as those who are all about style.

Red Steel would do well to look at WSR, and hopefully Ubi can use the extra time to fine tune their control scheme too.

I've not been disappointed by the Wii at all, in fact, I've been pleasantly surprised. Also Table Tennis is so addicting..This game does feel like a first step towards a much larger world.

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Chazmers3829d ago

Looks good will have to pick up a copy before I head back up to Uni :D

Maticus3829d ago

Impressed by the score actually, didn't think it looked that good.

Leord3829d ago

Since I keep going to the left on the regular Wii sport bowling, I think this is what I should get :P

asdr3wsfas3829d ago

A reviewer actually said he had the same problem and it fixed it. It was even the same direction. He used it as an opportunity to tell everyone he wasn't sucking at the game and they could shut up :)

The wiimotion plus is really good at detecting spin. They have an entire bowling minigame where they put barriers up that move and block the ball and you have to spin it around them and time the throw just right. They also have 100 pin bowling for the satisfaction of just knocking down pins =D I hated wii sports bowling but this is quite fun.

2FootYard3829d ago

The Wii continues to impress with cinematic, triple AAA titles. Neither the Xblock or Paystation have a single game that can compete with the quality that Nintendo delivers. If you want true hardcore gaming the only choice is Wii.

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