GamesAreEvil's Release of the Week: Wii Sports Resort

GrE writes, "It is not often that I come across a game that every gamer should add to its collection. Most games appeal to different subsets of gamers and can't expect to have total appeal. That being said, Wii Sports Resort is a must have for anyone with a Nintendo Wii. However, this has more to do with the nature of the Nintendo Wii then it does the quality of Wii Sports Resort..."

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bgrundman3831d ago

I don't care if it looks like it is made for ten year olds... I want it!

CrAppleton3831d ago

Hell Yeah! I love me some Wii Sports!

CrAppleton3831d ago

With how simple the first was.. I don't expect a whole lot more from Resort.. which is fine.. I just hope they put a little more than a nice big tech demo on our plates this time

supercharger51503831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

ditto. I guess it's just the principle of it. Hey, we gave you a not totally capable wiimote the first time, buy this to make it 95%...

bgrundman3831d ago

It comes with one Wii MotionPlus with it... what is the problem with that?

Neco5123831d ago

It comes with ONE motion plus! part of the fun is playing with friends, which means you're still going to have to buy more damn pieces to the ever growing controller

roblef3831d ago

Yeah, that bugs me, too. What, it wasn't good enough the first time you said how great it was? lol

Haly3831d ago

Really quite tempted by this at some point. Wii Sports made a great distraction and party game.

bgrundman3831d ago

agreed, and I hear that this is just as good, if not better.

wondroushippo3831d ago

This is something I'll be far more interested in once college kicks back up and I'm hanging out with friends from there again.

darkroomdemons3831d ago

I'm more interested in the home destruction videos that emerge from the gladiator games in this one...