StarCraft 2 No-LAN Controversy - A Closer Look

StarcraftWire,'s StarCraft channel who first announced the news that Blizzard will exclude LAN mode in StarCraft II has published an editorial about the controversy.

86000 StarCraft fans have so far signed an online petition to keep LAN mode, and Blizzard have been open to fan feedback in the past, but why is it that the LAN is gone in the first place?

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Rainstorm813832d ago

No more pirated LAN Internet matches.

kerriganss3832d ago

Damn right! They can't keep ignoring it!

Closing up on 100k this is madness ;)

(and not sparta!)

Leord3832d ago

I disagree, it's definitely Sparta :P

Giriath3832d ago

The new BattleNet 2.0 features are great. But I still think LAN should be left as an option. Require that owners register their copy online to deal with piracy, and keep the LAN.

SCFreelancer3832d ago

Interesting article. My main point is: what does this add? We lose LAN, but what do we get in return?

Leord3832d ago

More info at BlizzCon I assume..

Still, I can't really see ANY feature making LAN a useless addition. Regardless of what they add, LAN is a basic feature, that isn't easily replaced.

At least they haven't announced any DRM!

kerriganss3832d ago

I believe you're right... both of you really... DRM *shrug*

But LAN is still not replaceable.. by anything...

moe843832d ago

What do you get for losing LAN? Nothing, you never had it to begin with. Your argument is only viable in situations where a game had LAN and it was removed.

Chazmers3832d ago

they will cave in at one point or another, even if they release it after launch as a patch.

Dorjan3832d ago

Anti-piracy for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.