Motion-sensing game controllers explained

What's the appeal?

Hexus: "While there's nothing inherently wrong with a joypad – and we all still love a bit of button-mashing – the general consensus is that joypads are primarily accessible to users familiar with gaming. With profits in mind, the goal for the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony is to get everyone and anyone gaming.

A motion-sensing controller, therefore, is better suited to gamers of all ages, and, as the Wii Remote has shown during its first few years on the market, there's plenty of appeal for those who've never gamed before. With Nintendo capturing a massive market of 'casual' gamers, both Microsoft and Sony – whose current-generation consoles have largely targeted hardcore users – are hoping to one day claim their slice of the casual-gaming pie. How will they do it? Well, the plan is to follow in the footsteps of Nintendo with motion-sensing devices of their own – only, with a twist."

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