Are Achievement Points A Noose Around Microsoft's Neck?

This generation of gamers is perhaps different from any other, and the reason for this is the achievement Points on the Xbox 360. Microsoft truly revolutionized how the gamer thought about playing games; but with the constant rumors of Microsoft releasing a new console they are at a dangerous crossroads regarding achievement points. Gameztraffic examines the delicate balance Microsoft will need to cater for both seasoned gamers and those gamers which a new console would inevitably bring.

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Sonyslave33837d ago

Are Trophy points a noose around sony neck?

guesty813837d ago

Yes I imagine it will in time for exactly the same reasons, but the rumors about the new 360 are much more prevalent at the moment, when Sony comes to making the PS4 I'm sure they'll face the same crossroads.

wAtdaFck3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Funny how in positive light, achievements are the forefront of the concept and everyone seems to forget about trophies, whereas when achievements are questioned in the negative light, people are quick to drag trophies in front stage and, now of all times, decide to treat them both as "equal."

As for the matter at hand, no. Trophies are not a noose around Sony's neck, because we don't have to pay for the service to be able to attain all trophies, and ultimately, the Platinum. Whereas for achievements, if one of the achievements is only attainable in Multiplayer, then you better cough up the dough.

Syronicus3836d ago

You make an interesting point there. I never thought about having to pay for those online trophies with Xbox Live. It is an interesting point to be made since many achievements are acquired online.

Could this be a potential noose around the neck of MS? I suspect in some people's minds it could be. Mine however, well, I could care less about achievements or trophies so no, it's not on my mind.

king dong33836d ago

to me, it just seems like another pointless waste of bandwidth.

microsoft are going to enable people to take their gamerscores with them...thus bringing a few million people over straight away. there,s a comment below which i will reply to where the guy is saying that he doesn't want to compete(lol) with people with a high

if that was the case, why would people bother buying xboxs if they are "scared" of competing??

SL1M DADDY3836d ago

The thread was just fine... Until you posted in it. Sorry, but the only waste of bandwidth is your post.

3836d ago
Hoolock3836d ago

The Gamerscore is 100% likely to carry over as your Gamertag on the Xbox is your face within the virtual world. Im sure that both the xbox and Zune can share your gamertag as to be one unified profile on the microsoft servers. M$ are too dedicated to the idea of the having everything linked to your profile to just drop gamerscore between platforms. I personally just hope that they will make a clear difference between Gamerscore earned on this platform compared to gamerscore earned on later platforms.

heroicjanitor3836d ago

"Microsoft will need to cater for both seasoned gamers and those gamers which a new console would inevitably bring."

First of all, that's not a crossroads it's a T-junction.

Secondly I think that this is the same thing as saying should world of warcraft take the level 70s down a peg when new players join.

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Pebz3837d ago

They could fix this "issue" easily by having both 360 and "720" achievement points in your profile, as separate numbers, and then perhaps a subtotal.

People who really want to compete for highest points on some leader board can look at total points, or if they joined at a later console generation at least compete for that one separately.

guesty813837d ago

that's a pretty cool way around it for sure, but Id expect ps3 fanboys to see it as 'copying their' system.

BadKarmaSutra963836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I find achievement points adds a bit to the replayability of games. They are great for giving you ideas on ways to try certain missions, or using different character types. Also oddball stuff I probably never would have tried like flipping a car 5 times in GTA4.

guesty813836d ago

I agree they do like the article says Microsoft revolutionized the way we approach playing games, but if the system stays as it is, I know I wouldn't want to compete on a new console if my score was 0 and someone else was able to transfer their score of 200,000 plus score. It's a potential problem that Microsoft needs to have an idea on.

pixelsword3836d ago

That was Insomniac with Skill Points.

king dong33836d ago

lol what are you talking about? "I know I wouldn't want to compete on a new console if my score was 0 and someone else was able to transfer their score of 200,000 plus score"

seriously, thats one of the saddest things i've read on this very sad web-site!

most people dont give a sh!t or compete to see who has the highest it's just some numbers against a screen name!

DelbertGrady3836d ago

Yeah, as we can see it's totally killing them. NEXT!

lokiroo4203836d ago

It must be nice paying 50 bucks to get the other half of every games achievements.

DelbertGrady3836d ago

It's definately nice to have achievements in all games I purchase. It's also nice that XBLA keeps booming with content. Splosion Man, Shadow Complex, Monkey Island SE, Ion Assault, Raskulls and more. Good time to be a 360 gamer =)

3836d ago
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