PlayTM: The Conduit Review

According to the rear cover of The Conduit's packaging, the game won an IGN E3 Award in 2008, and was lauded as the "BEST SHOOTING GAME ON THE Wii," by the prominent online videogame magazine. However, taken in context, E3 2008 was more than a year ago, when The Conduit was far from finished. It's now the end product that's being evaluated, not an ongoing preview build, and, as such, The Conduit is far from the best shooting game on the Wii. That honour, for better or worse, still belongs to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Superb controls aside, when properly assessed by the FPS genre's merciless yardstick of quality, The Conduit echoes the same linear design disappointments as Resistance: Fall of Man and finds itself languishing uncomfortably close to Turning Point: Fall of Liberty in terms of dour quality.

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