Scientists in 'Wii MotionPlus Plus' breakthrough

Motion-control tech for electrons...

'Wii MotionPlus PLUS' nano-tech breakthrough announced by nano-tech specialists...

Nintendo is yet again enjoying a bumper sales success with the latest Wii MotionPlus game Wii Sports Resort, yet a group of scientists have announced the next major breakthrough in motion sensing technology.

NEMS (Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems) is being pitched as the eventual successor to the MEMS (Micro-Electro) motion-sensing tech used by Nintendo in Wii MotionPlus.

The latest NEMS breakthrough comes courtesy of a bunch of researchers at TU Delft in The Netherlands, who "have succeeded in measuring the influence of a single electron on a vibrating carbon nanotube."

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DragonWarrior_43837d ago

I hardly understand anything, but damn it sounds so cool.

Skynetone3836d ago

wtf, this is not possible and if it is i want my own pet electron

PinkUni3836d ago

there are probably more practical uses for this, but in terms of what gaming really needs

the ps3's motion wand is a smarter direction then just making the motion sensing device more sensitive

if they make it too sensitive the thing is going to start moving when you don't want it to

FamilyGuy3836d ago

Like the natural shake of your hand.

Nothing negative will come of this game-wise.

AAACE53836d ago

The thing I have against nintendo now is that they are still contento on juicing consumers for money! Other companies at least try to hide it, but they just refuse to.

OK, they have new technology that makes the motion controls more precise. Yet they aren't making an effort to put that into newer versions of the controller itself, and leave the option to buy the extra piece if the consumer wants it.

NaiNaiNai3836d ago

3000 dollars for new *crappy rims* on your new car instead of hub caps. 800 bucks for a sound system that should cost 200. its been going on for years. Yet you want to complain about a console doing it. XD rofl.

cliffbo3836d ago

this is NOT nintendo so its irrelevant.

LazyDevs3836d ago

Maybe crappy rims and sound systems are not his hobby, so he has no reason. And how do you know he is not been on alpines forums complaining about over priced headmounts? Your argument is based on you getting mad cause he said something bad against nintendo. And you came up with the response that has no bearing on the article at all or his comment he made. We are talking a specific's here, i also boat for a hobby and i complain all the time about parts being much higher just cause it is for a boat. See what i did there.....

N4g_null3836d ago

WOW so you feel like nintendo is milking people huh? Other try to hide it? What if I only bought the Wii to play VC games? Why would I need this? What if I only buy button mashing games? What if I don't like motion control games but love 2d action adventure?

The problem is you don't have to buy this. Milking some one is when you sell them some thing and they can not use it fully till they buy some thing else. Every thing before motion Plus could be used fully with out the attachment.

The cool thing about it is it allows for better games or even better control and different types of game play at a small price. I mean really do you think natal or PS3 eye stuff is going to cost $24 dollars? I don't think so.

Milking some one is opting for the most expensive solution and claiming it is better before it is prove with game play.

Better yet milking some one is like xbox live or the blu ray on the PS3... Online is free and what if we don't want all the extra crap that comes with live, Blu ray don't look any better on a SDtv... so what is the point. You can used the excuse that people will upgrade but first we will have to get past the recession and then we will need time to get LEDs tvs moving... Seriously blu ray is nice but not needed.

Also milking is when you charge more money for games that are cheaper on the PC... the same games too. So they are only hidding it because you are too much of a fanboy to look. Having a choice is not milking because people will avoid obvious milking.

Let me remind you milking is raising the price on some thing that is not wanted or needed or including some thing that is not needed inorder to raise the price... yep that is the sole reason why the PS3 and xbox are not growing market share. Even a price drop can not fix blatant milking.

NaiNaiNai3836d ago

Rofl. I don't defend nintendo. sorry no. but what im saying is every company does it, you can't call one out with out calling something else out, other wise your just pathetic. >.> and need to be put out.

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Shnazzyone3836d ago

Guess i'll have to prepare for super wii motion Plus Plus...