Perry: Milo Similar To 'Dragon's Lair'

NowGamer: Respected industry figure David Perry has told NowGamer about his concerns regarding Lionhead's Milo tech demo, and whether it's AI is really the leap-forward it seems

Speaking exclusively to NowGamer, Perry said he was unsure whether the new motion control technologies for both Xbox and PS3 would be able to shine so late in the lifecycles of both consoles. "In reality, my take is simple," he said. "I've been in the industry for so long this is history repeating itself – for about the fifth time now. Historically, it's very simple: if you don't sell the device with the hardware from the outset, it doesn't usually work."

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timmyrulz3832d ago

I think MS' marketing budget will ensure that Natal will work halfway through the cycle

Grown Folks Talk3832d ago

Every time I went to Family Fun Center, it was out of order.