Ayane, Your Face Looks A Little Different

kotaku Writes:
Dead or Alive character Ayane makes an appearance in Ninja Gaiden II S just like she did in Ninja Gaiden II. Though, she's changed slightly.

On the left is how Ayane appears in NGII S and on the right is how she appears in NGII. As it's been pointed out back when she was revealed for S, gone is some of the cutesy baby fat for thinner, more grown-up features. All of this is, of course, makes total and complete sense!

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Xwow20083828d ago

looks beautiful in sigma 2.

OGharryjoysticks3828d ago

that's a big difference between the 2.

raztad3828d ago

Makes a lot of sense. They know PS3 audience is mostly mature.

SuicidalTendencies3828d ago

I like the look but I disagree with it. Ayane is supposed to be 17 or 18 years old. In that picture she looks like she's in her late 20's.

SuicidalTendencies3827d ago

Two disagrees and not one reply. Honestly, what is the point of having this feature on this site? I've been on this site a long time and I still don't understand it.

truehunter3827d ago

I guess u havent notice part of real life as well. I'v knoen females age 25 that looks like age 16-18. I know female thats age 16-18 an looks mature age of 25-ish.

Even my niece at the age 9 an she looks 6-7 years old.

SuicidalTendencies3827d ago

It's a game not real life. Making the character look her age helps develop her background. Not to mention she looks her age in all the other games she's appeared in and now she looks older? Come on!

presto7173828d ago

Sigma 2's version looks WAY better!