AT&T blocks access to 4chan, then restores it

Today, another unfortunate sighting took place on the open subject of Net Neutrality. A now rather infamous telecommunications provider in the United States has taken its first slash in a battle that will wage on for months against consumer democracy and against and the digital natives of Generation Y until the FCC can intercede. Grab your coats Americans, and get ready for war. Today is the day that AT&T officially began censoring the internet.

In a rather vicarious attempt to fire a first shot in the Net Neutrality war, the Telco provider blocked certain sections of the highly popular imageboard throughout the night. In particular, the /r9k/ and the infamous /b/ sections are inaccessible and the site's owner has confirmed that AT&T is in fact filtering access for many of its subscribed customers. Several social news blogs and websites have been circulating the information for several hours while many users nationwide are confirming that the site has indeed been blocked in a number of areas.

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