Wired: Hands-On with the Spotify iPhone App

Wired: Last week, we told you Spotify is set to take America by storm, and the streaming music service could soon do the same to the iPhone platform - but only if Apple approves Spotify's iPhone app, which shows real potential to threaten iTunes on Apple's own iPhone platform.

We've been testing Spotify's iPhone app since last week for this U.S. exclusive. Based on that, our prediction that it could generate big profits for Spotify - and for an ailing music industry - appears to be on the money. This slick app grants instant access to over six million on-demand tracks and your customized Spotify playlists, and it sounds great even on planes, subways, and other places where you can't get a decent cell signal thanks to an offline playback feature.

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MasterChief36243835d ago

It sounds like Pandora Radio, but even more awesome :D