Eurogamer: Gears of War 2: Road to Ruin Hands On


Overall though, Road to Ruin is an enjoyable extra chapter. Whether you choose stealth or violence, it culminates in a challenging brawl outside the doorway to Nexus against all sorts of old friends - tickers, beast riders, those resurrection bastards, and others - and playing through it a couple of times with a friend is a diverting hour-or-so's work, and worth 75 gamerpoints - 25 each for stealth and all-guns-blazing finishes, and 25 more for doing it in co-op.

If you were thinking of buying Dark Corners specifically to play Road to Ruin, then, you will feel short-changed. However, throw in seven multiplayer maps, as Epic has, and the story may be different. Assuming we can find some people to play them with once the expansion's actually out, we'll try to bring you a real verdict in the days ahead.

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