IGN: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Hands-On

The Ninja Gaiden series has had a habit of each release reincarnating in other various forms. The original (3D) game first hit the Xbox, and then Ninja Gaiden Black followed that up on the same system. Ninja Gaiden Sigma then hit the PlayStation 3 a couple years later, bringing with it many of the enhancements of Black along with new sections, a slightly expanded story and, of course, updated HD visuals. When Ninja Gaiden 2 was announced for the Xbox 360 at last year's GDC, most Sony fans knew that it was only a matter of time before it gained the Sigma bit of its moniker and made its way to the PS3. That time is almost here.

IGN recently received an updated demo build of the game there in the office that offers up small sections of play for not only Ryu, but Ayane and Momiji as well. These two female warriors are of course new for play in Sigma 2, and they will be joined by Rachel in the final game, who was also playable in the original Sigma.

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Ninver3832d ago

Can't wait to play the definitive (non beta) version on my ps3.

jack_burt0n3832d ago

that was a crap preview, if the lack of blood is an issue for you over gameplay just wait till ur over 15.

raztad3832d ago

I hope this guy is not the same reviewing the full game.

Very interested in this game, I really like the new stylish (less bloody version). Three (or perhaps 4) playable characters, coop, better visuals, make Sigma2 the definite version. Lets see how it fares.

mastiffchild3832d ago

While some people ae making a big deal out of the toned down gore I'm pretty glad it's being done. Along with the terrible camera issues(and thanks a bunch IGN for not mentioning that it's been fixed and thanks a lot Tecmo for crapping on 360 only gamers by not patching one in for them!)in NG2 the daft amount of spurting claret actually left me wondering what, exactly, was going on at times!

Nothing mentioned about the new co-op mode, the higher res or improved textures-or even if PS3 gamers pay for them with less AA-and all round a pretty weak preview that said practically nothing to me.

Also, didn't Tecmo already say that they felt reducing the gore made the game more "stylish"? I think it's more to do with Japanese ratings and there being more PS3s in Japan than 360s but IDK for sure if that's partially the reason but, whatever, I prefer it.