Video game price rise may look risky - but it is a calculated gamble

Raising the price of a luxury product by about 20 per cent is never going to be popular with customers. Doing so during a deep recession might appear mad.

Yet Activision seems supremely confident about its decision to lift the suggested retail price of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by £10. It is not experimenting with a minor untested franchise, but with a game tipped to be one of the year's most successful entertainment products.

It's small wonder that retailers have mixed feelings about the decision: higher prices give them better margins, but if consumers leave Call of Duty on the shelves it'll be a damaging blow to a retail sector already expecting a tough Christmas.

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DARK WITNESS3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Don't support the F£$%k's leave it on the shelf, buy it pre-owned when you get the chance. There are loads of great games coming out that can take up our time and are deserving of our cash.

The only way Activision will get away with this is if we let them.

I love Cod4, i was really looking forward to Modern Warefare 2, but i will not support them with my money thats for sure. Its not that i can't afford it ( i have about 10 games i am getting with in oct and nov ) its just a matter of principals !

mastiffchild3831d ago

Well said DW. Us gamers have been bent over so often this generation(MS with their faulty hardware knwingly released just to get a jump on the comp ar our expense, Sony telling us to work more jobs etc, etc)and have willingly accepted it all and why? All it's got us is more and more companies willing to take the pi55.

As for the hypocritical fools over at Activision demanding a Sony price cut while promoting a FPS at a higher price(in the one country everyone dumps this crap on)as a luxury item is a pi55 take too far. Sod MW2, I was really looking forward to it on release but I'll wait for a preowned copy(against my policy)rather than pay a premium to these greedy buggers who don't seem to care that in England thousands are still being laid off every week-it's beyong insulting and really demands we make a stand and show some willpower.

Sadly those of us willing to stand up to this will probably be a tuny minority as we gamers have become so selfish and shortsighted it's inbelievable-we need to stand together if we don't want more companies ripping us off.


@ the guy below, your right..

The thing is it is mostly hardcore gamers that will buy it at this price.

most casual gamers i find tend to look towards hardcore gamers for advice. for example in the office i work at, i am considered the hardcore gamer. most people come to me asking about whats out, what to get etc. they all know i am into my shooters and a big fan of cod4. when asked about the new game, i now tell them i am not getting it. at first they asked why, as soon as i explained, they all agreed and said they would not get it.

I know there will be some people who just don't care and will buy it anyway, but if enough of us do make a stand, if the same sentiment is echoed through out the gaming community it and people understand how bad this could get for us as gamers then i think we can make a difference.

look at EA. for how long they were pushing out crap games... eventually they lost the interest of most hardcore gamers and after a while i think they started to feel it. hence they have made the effort to try and change their image.

I work for an internet company in retail, i know the old "customer is always right" saying. actually the customer is not always wright, but you tell that to them and you will be in trouble. We need to tell activision this time we are write and they are wrong, we are not willing to pay, even if it is game of the year or whatever ! They made the game in 2 years using an old engine with a few tweeks and have the nerve to say they need the money for quality reasons.

Not to mention the fact that they want to boycott the ps3 because of its price point ! they could not be anymore hypocritical if they tried.

Boycott the game !

Ps3 owners have uncharted multiplayer to keep them busy over holiday.
xbox owners have halo odst to keep them busy.

give them the stick !

jack_burt0n3831d ago

The hardcore gamers do need to make a stand, the casual folks buy a game or 2 a year most of us likely buy more than one a month. This could become a seriously bad trend.

It is worth a boycott put ur money elsewhere.

Delta3831d ago

Is this world-wide or just Europe? either way that's really scummy.

mastiffchild3831d ago

T way I've read it a couple of places it's UK only so far but don't be shocked to see it arrive elsewhere. Also I could be reading the wrong sites!


ya, this is the thing...

even if it is UK just for now.. if people suck up to it, you can bet your A$$ you will start to see those $$$ creep up slowly but surely.

and before you know it other publishers will follow.

Delta3831d ago

If it comes to NA imma cancel my pre order. 20% spike on the price is a big, big rip off. Activation can suck it. Too bad for IW though.

Socomer 19793831d ago

For a dvd game.

Ps3 exclusives must be the deal of the century... being a bluray and all.