Xbox 360 Elite vs. Xbox 360: the test

Engadget had a few hours with the Xbox 360 Elite wherein they done nothing but test it against the most rigorous (unscientific) means at their disposal.

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masterg4197d ago

Don't get my MS didn't wait till they had the noise/heat problems solved.
Doesn't sound like its any better than the old one. Just more hard drive space.

snoop_dizzle4197d ago

i don't really need it.

My 360 has been running fine and the games look good as well.

tehcellownu4197d ago

did they motivate the xboxfanboys to buy a overprice 120gb difference ? Hdmi and 120gb is somethin different alright but what inside the 360 is the guessin more red of lights of death to come..yay for elite owners..

gta_cb4197d ago

just woundering, does making yourself look like a complete [email protected] make you feel better? i am an XBox 360 owner, i use it alot and it NEVER overheats freezes etc so what you got to say about that?

just dont understand why you fanboys have to try and start arguements all the time, and incase your woundering i think the PS3 is great especially with the [email protected] but i leave my PC doing [email protected] and with the great line up of games for the 360 im not going to look into buying a PS3 until christmas time, or after depending if i get into Halo 3 to much lol

darthkojima4196d ago

^ are you sure about that?

Xbox 360 lifespan last only 24/7 tested already.

Evil Rant Monkey4196d ago

I hate those "red of lights of death". I hear they make you retarded.
The Elite is in all reality nothing special compared to a regular 360, but when it comes to gaming id choose it over the PS3 any day. There's not one game i've played on the PS3 that i've enjoyed over any of my 360 games (that includes Sneak King). I think it may be that controller though. There's just something that's different when i wrap my paws around it.

Sexius Maximus4196d ago

Because the Elite is no better then the Premium, it just goes to show that a "true" next gen system DOES NOT need a HDMI cable. A component or VGA is just as good. All you Sony defenders are now saying HDMI makes no difference to attempt to bash the Elite, but that, in turn also bashes the PS3. Both systems are great in their own way...can't we all just get along?

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Bonsai12144197d ago

meh.. it was expected (like the article said).

i agree with #1. they left most of the problems in, and made a few slight improvements

gta_cb4197d ago

well this article has deff helped me, i am going to stay with my premium :D with me getting my own 32" HDREADY (with HDMI) tv 2morrow i will deff be using the component HD but as its 32" not something stupid like 50" i dont need it. as for the 120GB HDD i am going to wait until IPTV and video marketplace (the full lot) is available to the UK (without making an american account ;) hehe) then when IPTV is out i will be making my decission then. i expect as will alot of people with the ability to download show/movies in SD and HD oh and btw i hope IPTV is free as i am a GOLDmember :D

oh and alot of points in this article are good, so read it if your woundering about getting one, the last part made me laugh though

"Then again, if you're truly "elite" then all the stuff we just said really doesn't matter, and you're probably gonna buy this thing anyway."

haha! yeh there will always be people like that.

although my 360 works completely fine and i do use it ALOT, it NEVER overheats doesn freeze etc, but with the reports of the "red ring of death" i would like to have the new XBox 360s with the 65nm chip, then i will be completely happy :D

snoop_dizzle4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

but instead of component cables, use vga, it looks a lot better.

at least on my computer monitor.

Boon Tarkas4196d ago

But why buy a 32inch HD? Dude, save up. It just won't cut it, as far as impressing friends and family. Every time you go somewhere where there's a bigger set you end up kicking yourself, and when you do get home your tv will look even smaller.

If do go that route stick with component and save $90 on an HDMI cable. Your sets size wont warrant the expense.

Sorry dude. I just dont want you to amke a purchase you'll later regret.

I have bought a 52 inch LG. DLP LCD and it is the best investment I ever made.