Ridge Racer 2 revs its way to PSP

Sony have this evening officially announced Ridge Racer 2 for the PSP (and not to be mistaken with RR2 on the PSOne!).

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caffman5731d ago

or a wii
or a ds
or a PSP
or a PC
just go with what you fancy buying

Bill Gates5731d ago

We're in mid JUNE not mid NOVEMBER.

Man this site sometimes gets filled right to the top with shiit.

caffman5731d ago

are the biggest piece here!


Ridge Racer 2 Review

A review of Ridge Racer 2 for the PSP, the so called "sequel" to the acclaimed PSP launch.

calderra6352d ago

Everyone ready?

It's Ridge Racer.

Euro Ridge Racer 2 announced

Sony Europe has officially announced that Ridge Racer 2 will be coming to PlayStation Portable before the end of the year. Announced in Japan last week (where it goes by the name Ridge Racers 2 instead), the PSP's second Ridge outing introduces three new game modes and boasts a series-record number of tracks.

That's 18, and although they're all based on courses in the home console Ridge Racer titles, none of the tracks have been seen before on the PSP.

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omansteveo6443d ago

For crying out loud seriously Namco this is a waste of time try somethin new im so sick of these companies "we'll stick with what works" attitudes