New FIFA 10 PC Screens

EA Sports has released a new batch of screens from the PC version of FIFA 10.

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AndyA4445d ago

It's a shame EA decided not to use the next gen engine for the PC version.

Chazmers4445d ago

yeah they look a little disappointing, i will be sticking to the 360 version

Leord4445d ago

What about people with no 360? Ever thought of that?!

Leord4445d ago

I can believe how detailed they are even without the next gen engine...

Maticus4445d ago

Wow... pretty realistic.

stridershoge4444d ago

It looks exactly like FIFA 09, I hope the gameplay has been upgraded tremendously or there is no need to upgrade if you are a PC gamer.

tamd4444d ago

Same old [email protected]@, 2k and konami already taken over sports in pc , mlb , nba 2k9 was a great example, pes will still rule over fifa in pc , dont bother for license, as their will be fan mods supported

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