Champions Online Pre-Order Offers, OBT Date Confirmed

Atari and Cryptic have announced details of the pre-orders for Champions Online, listing US retailers that will be offering special deals.

Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Amazon will each be offering players different deals for Champions Online pre-orders, including early access to the game and exclusive in-game items.

After some confusion earlier this month, the start of the open beta test has also been confirmed as 17 August.

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Leord3827d ago

I never liked the City of... but Champions looks like a game I could really get in to.

City of...'s biggest strength was the char customisation, and Champions seems to have a very strong one as well.

Maticus3827d ago

Unlike games like Aion, Champions' customisation focusses on the costume and accessories rather than the face, but that's fine, you don't see the face on most of the characters anyway :)

Really looking forward to this game btw.

Medievaldragon3827d ago

Think there will be a lawsuit from City of Heroes or DC Comics?

Gun_Senshi3827d ago

Aion customization you can do anything from hobbits to dwarfs to urukai to even look alikes (including body) of people like Micheal Jackson etc. I saw them with my own eyes and I made myself Bilbo looking guy.

Malfurion3827d ago

She probably meant that a major part of the cutomisation in Aion is on the face. Sure, you can change body shapes and sizes, but a lot of the focus is on the face instead of the clothing and accessories, which comes later and depends on the gear you get.

In Champions there aren't many faces to chose from, but there are thousands if not millions of costume possibilities.

Leathersoup3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Considering the team developing it is the exact same team that developed City of Heroes, I doubt it. Plus the Champions game system has been running for ages in Pen & Paper form.

DC and Marvel have a team trademark or copyright over the word Superhero. Not the word Champions or Heroes, nor do they have any rights to the concept of supernatural powers.

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Dorjan3827d ago

Lots to choose from! Make sure you get the deal that is best for you!!!

Fyzzu3827d ago

But nothing announced for the UK? Oh well. Some of those packs look cool, but I imagine that - all things being equal - the ones with Early Start will sell a hell of a lot more if people know about all the deals going on.

tdrules3827d ago

look at mate ;)

Malfurion3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Early start has to be included for sure, and it looks like Gamestop got the best offer overall.

Medievaldragon3827d ago

Oh wow, I would like to try out the open beta just out of curiosity. I have been playing WoW 4 years, and that was my first and only MMO. Won't hurt to play this thing free eh?

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