Microsoft E&D Q3 Losses Fall to $315M, Sales Down To $929M

Gamasutra reports that Microsoft has released its third quarter results, showing the company's Xbox-encompassing Entertainment and Devices division posting a $315 million loss and sales slipping 21 percent to $929 million, as the overall company saw $4.93 billion in profits and $14.40 billion in sales.

The $315 million loss is down 22 percent from last year's $402 million, and came as the quarter saw $929 million in sales, down 21 percent over last year's $1.18 billion.

Microsoft says the drop in sales came primarily because of decreases in the sale of Xbox 360s. During the quarter, the company shipped a half million consoles, as compared to 1.7 in the third quarter of 2006, that being the first full quarter in which Xbox 360s became available.

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ITR4285d ago

I know the 360 was a hard sell at Target(around Nov). We ended up doing a $50 giftcard with it.
We did a $25 giftcard with the PSP.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

more money than Sony's got! HAHA J?K ]:~)>

vvvvv LOOK-OUT, Kyur4ThePain just started his menstrual cycle. ;B vvvvvv

Kyur4ThePain4285d ago

a moron (in my personal opinion) for posting that sh!t.

gta_cb4285d ago

@ Kyur4ThePain

well i spose hes just a fanboy? everyone is getting to competitive lately...

NikV34285d ago

sony stock is highest its been in five years, so im sure your a little off here

BIadestarX4285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

"Quarterly losses were blamed on expenses related to the launch of Microsoft's Zune media player, as well as expenses from a lengthening of the Xbox 360's warranty period."

"Looking forward to the full fiscal 2007 year, Microsoft has said it expects increased sales due to the increased availability of Xbox 360 over the year, as well as sales of its Zune."

$4.93 BILLION overall profit, that's a lot of money. No wonder microsoft does not mind investing the amount of money they have on the Zune and the XBox if is going to bring additional revenue streams.

XxZxX4285d ago

they have to investing in XBOX. If they don't, their PC gaming is slipping away. Bring in xbox in actually revive PC gaming too.

Firewire4285d ago

"Xbox-encompassing Entertainment and Devices division posting a $315 million loss and sales slipping 21 percent"

Now where are all the guys saying that finacial analyst was full of bull?
And he was a Sony fanboy, and the article was Sony propaganda?
And that MS makes money of the 360?
I don't give a crap what you guys think,
MS shareholders will not like that one bit!

fenderputty4285d ago

Sony has posted losses yet the stock is just fine.

I just think it's funny how these articles go both ways. They just rotate days on here. One day PS3 is doomed the next it's the 360.

BIadestarX4285d ago

Stick to your day job. You failed to see how to analize this data.
"The $315 million loss is down 22 percent from last year's $402 million" and what do you know about investing in other to know what investors will think.

Investors will see this, "$4.93 BILLION overall profit".
Investors will see that considering that fact regarless of the cost of introducing the Zune to the market + microsoft extended warranty the division only lost $315 million loss... And don't try to put these together, "$315 million loss and sales slipping 21 percent" since they may not be necesarily related. Remember that the "sales slipping 21 percent" is being compared to the quater that fall under the holidays... duhh... sales were up during christmass.

It depends how people look at it.
If you ask a sony fanboy, he will not see that loses are going down.
Don't worry you are up for a surprice whe Sony releases their numbers.

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The story is too old to be commented.