NintendoLife Review: A Little Bit of...Brain Training Sudoku


"A little Bit of…Brain Training Sudoku" does exactly what it sets out to do – it offers a taste of the brain training experience and a selection of Sudoku puzzles at a fraction of the price. For owners of the original series there is little on offer here as the game is in essence simply a scaled down version of the full title. For people unfamiliar with the series, perhaps first-time DS owners, this game is an ideal download as it offers a nice introduction to the brain training series and indeed can perhaps be viewed as a cheaper alternative to the full title with the bonus of not having to carry around the game cartridge. To answer the inevitable question as to which Sudoku game is best, it's fair to say that due to the extra features and polished feeling of the game "A little Bit of…Brain Training Sudoku" is the superior title.

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