Analysts Weigh In on Kutaragi's Departure

Perhaps Ken Kutaragi's departure shouldn't be surprising. SCE said it was in the works for a while, but was he squeezed out thanks to the PS3's limping out of the gate? Or was it simply time for him to move on? GameDaily speak with several analysts about why this happened and what it ultimately means for the PlayStation business.

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Gears4285d ago

Because the PS3 is performing horribly compared to it's older brothers. The PS3 will never surpass the 360 in world-wide sales.

ErcsYou4285d ago wish. what are all you xbots going to cry about when the ps3 surpasses the 360. mark my words it will happen.

BubblesDAVERAGE4285d ago

You guys are just blind when the ps3 passes he 360 around next ear if not christmas..I love to see your guys face..Im just gonna glote glote and glote again...worldwide....sales they haven even sold half a mill in japan and ever since the ps3 came out UK is like wats a 360...but it dosent mater I see its more and more xbox fanboys everyday...I woder where tey sony fans are..probably playing there ps3 or ps2....not worring about your Bs..(Im about to go join them R=FOM here i come)

ErcsYou4285d ago

you are so right. ive never known or heard such fanboy bs until i started playing with the internet more. i played ps2 for years and never knew of peoples hate for sony. i was to busy playing great games. i check this site 3 times a day and the rest of the time im playing games or working. MS has made gamers look pathetic. how sad

God of Gaming4284d ago

Well I certainly hope a system which followed a 120 million selling machine can catch up to relatively new player in the game market. If not then they have certainly gone backwards.

kewlkat0074284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

two fanboys that have only played one Console, feeling hurt because one just found out, not everybody likes Sony's strategies, tactics, and business model.... welcome, from under the rock. A lot have taken place. Sony is not the only competition anymore. Yes PS2 had great games(currently playing FF12).

Look at your comments, talk about hyporites...

Who really knows why this guy is out? Companies will always try to save face in the public. All I know it, things are never the same when a father/creator of a product leaves. Maybe he will join Mistwalker productions. Ha

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CyberSentinel4285d ago

The Lemming Leader is dead, and its about time.

Blind Lemmings, Ken Kutaragi Loves You.

hfaze4285d ago

Yep, we're all lemmings... unlike you guys where:

1. You pay $50/year to use YOUR OWN CONSOLES as game servers... (and don't try to claim the money is for the download servers, etc. XBox Live silver gives you that for free)

2. You're willing to shell out $100 for a 20GB hard drive (When you can get a 40GB 2.5" SATA hard drive for $45 RETAIL)

3. You're willing to shell out $180 for a 120GB hard drive ($75 + Shipping on NewEgg)

4. You're willing to pay $50 for a wireless controller, then have to shell out another $20 for the "Play and Charge kit", or have to deal with batteries...

Lemmings... yeah...

kamakazi4284d ago

and cyber monkey dances again, good monkey.

nix4284d ago

it might rain 360... or will that be trashed 360s... q:

ITR4285d ago

Seems like he got pushed out.
I doubt it would've happen if the PS3 was selling like the Wii.

XxZxX4285d ago

pushed out most likely.

darkvenom4285d ago

You seriously need some therapy with all this negative PS3 news you keep posting!What's the matter with you?well once the dust has setteled you'll see Sony back at the top guarandamted!laters Microsoft lackey!

iceice1234285d ago

Evidence to back up your claim is astonishing!

The Real Joker4284d ago

Thanks Columbo. You are really on top of proving that.

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