Monster Hunter 3 intro movie

Examiner: "Capcom is preparing to release a monster of a title on Wii this August. Preparing to take Japan by storm, Monster Hunter 3 is nearing release and Japanese gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of this monster sized title. Today, we have the opening movie of Monster Hunter 3 to share with you. As you'd expect from Capcom, the cinematic footage look amazing."

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na-no-nai3829d ago

goddamm this has to be one of the best graphic on the wii beside dc and first party game.
looking forward to trying this even tho i have missed other games that came out so far

MattyF3829d ago

Indeed. Makes the wait even harder.

FamilyGuy3829d ago

This is the one that's pay to play right?

desolationstorm3829d ago

Family guy it is pay to play in japan but previous ones were also while they were not in America. No word yet about America.

Its funny because Nintendo announced the pay to play things so long ago I had forgot about it.

TruthbeTold3829d ago

Sooner rather than later in the U.S. please Capcom!

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BX813828d ago

Does anyone know the release date for America? I have MH freedom Unite and I can't stop playing. This game looks pretty sweet.