The Death of PC Gaming – Again

"PC gaming is dying!" has been a pretty regular refrain in the games industry over the last, well, forever. Whenever the venerable platform posts comparatively low retail sales results or another PC developer/PC franchise makes its way consoleward, someone is there to prophesise the doom of the platform as a whole. IGN thought it was high time they took a look at the health of the PC platform from as objective a viewpoint as possible. Is it really in trouble? Are the success of franchises like The Sims and games like World of Warcraft merely aberrations? How has the role of the platform changed over the last few years?

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kevnb3831d ago

console gaming has piracy, game rentals, and gamestop to deal with.

skagrerrrr3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I went into the local gamestop lately & took a new copy of Smackdown vs Raw 2009 at USD59.95, seeing that the copy i had in my hand was new, the clerk offered to sell me a "used" one for USD44.95.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out...

Perjoss3830d ago

if pc gaming is dying then so is the wii, in a matter of speaking.

mistajeff3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

doesn't PC rake in more gaming-related revenue than any console? i remember hearing something along those lines last year, though i could easily be remembering wrong. you could probably easily argue that PC gaming is on the rise.. think about all those people who play flash games and spider solitaire at work or when they're bored.. they may not be big-budget "hardcore" titles but it's still PC gaming none the less.

Proxy3830d ago

nVidia has a new idea? They make a new GPU, and the PC group buys it up, even if it is 500$.

nVidia take the money, develops new ideas, and 6 months later has a better GPU. The PC group buys the new GPU yet again. Every 6 months we get a new GPU.

BUT without the PC group.

nVidia has a new idea? They wait 6 years and put it in a console. Soon, they're ready to make improvements, so they wait another 6 years and put it in the next console. Every 6 years we get a new GPU.

See the difference?

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Saaking3831d ago

PC gaming will never die.

Kornholic3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

With these piracy rates it will. PC gamers are blood sucking parasitic little ticks. They think they can take someone's work for free.

Timesplitter143830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Soon, PC games will probably be exclusively sold by online services like Steam or Impulse to prevent piracy.

Back in the days, I didn't like Steam. But now, I think it's necessary.

mistajeff3830d ago

not all PC gamers are pirates, you know.

ceiltsei3830d ago

Does anybody remember back before the ps2 when there were articles like this about console systems dying off? PC gaming did a few great things and the general negativity caused problems in the console market.

Articles like this do the same thing and neither PC or console gaming will ever die off completely. I am sure that even though PC games will eventually be sold only online for a few years, things will eventually go back to PC game shops with physical product and dismal console sales. There are still quite a few stores in my town where the PC game boxes outnumber console game boxes.

heroprotagonist3830d ago

PC gaming is healthy. Retail sales have gone down, but online sales have gone up, and overall the platform has seen year over year growth. More people than ever before are realizing the benefits of PC gaming.

Timesplitter143830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

2 things I have to say :

- Generally, when people say "PC gaming is dying", they mean that the usual exclusive hardcore PC games (RTS, FPS, WRPG, etc) are dying. World of Warcraft and The Sims are more casual, wide-appeal games. This is why they say PC gaming is dying. When it comes to PC, people don't really care about sales, they only care about the games themselves.

- Starcraft and Diablo 2 basically were what made PC gaming so epic back then. There were LOTS of other great PC games too, but these 2 were the core of PC gaming. Now, the 2 franchises are coming back and they look as awesome as ever. A new PC golden age is coming, I'm telling you. The only thing missing is a PC exclusive Baldur's Gate game by Bioware and a new Quake arena that doesn't suck.

ceiltsei3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I agree that hardcore gaming seems to come in waves of two or three great releases, but I wouldn't say that starcraft and diablo2 were the only two releases at that time which held up the great pc gaming battle flag.

When I look into the last two decades of PC gaming I see quite a few amazing releases, and I also see a lot of technical problems, bugs, and ugly releases. Compare this to the almost clean as a whistle console releases and its great SNES realm of mastery, and PC looks quite dirty. As an example of this, a console game from 1992 looks so good and clean compared to most PC games of that era. When these two markets somehow compete, PC went in a great direction when 3DFX and high resolution set things off. Even when this happened, these games were pretty damn ugly.

To see the problems of PC gaming today, I can bring you a couple things to look at. Remember Decent? If not, look it up. It was revolutionary in creating a new experience and much motion sickness, but would anybody play it today? Excellent game, revolutionary for its time, but it is not worth a damn now. How about Super Mario Bros? Yes, the original. Playing this today wouldn't be so bad.

And just to make a point, wanna play Populous or Syndicate? Anyone? How about Legend of Zelda or Blaster Master?

What I am saying is PC gamers are used to half done and rarely high quality games and tons of technical problems. These games are usually a little more intimate and personal. Playing a PC game with a group of fans usually meant over the internet, whereas console games are living room games where friends gather. Huge difference in quality, testing, and hardware. When you have limitations, you get some incredible results. PC does not have as many limitations, and now that there are less limitations in gaming as all consoles and pcs can be equal in performance depending on who is in the directors chair, all games will suffer. A great range of creative games have been released for handheld game systems and I would have to say that some of the best games I have ever played are portable. The limitations cause the designers to be creative. So I guess PC games suffered first, and console games will suffer soon. Lasting value is a bit of a miss when it comes to most PC titles and most console titles can live quite long, and there are old NES games from 85 that still kick ass. Take that, Zork!

evrfighter3830d ago

"Lasting value is a bit of a miss when it comes to most PC titles and most console titles can live quite long"

can you name one console game as old as cs or heck even bf2 that has the same mass amounts of people playing?

Heck the the numbers of people playing cs can rival the top console games of this gen...

your comment LOOKS well thought out, but when you get down to it. bullsh*t is still bullsh*t

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