Colin McRae DiRT Update

With Codemasters's off-road epic nearing completion, IGN preview the latest build.

"Out of the three other races we played, Rally Raid and Rally Cross were the most exciting. Rally Raid is a six-car battle around a mountain track. Driving a Montero, the opening stage of the race is relatively tame, with long straights and easy bends leading to tighter corners further down the track. Thick foliage and small rocks line the side of the track so, if you swerve off course, the chassis of your car will take a hammering. Plus, actually finding the course again - especially from the in-car view, where the grass is higher than your line of sight - is no easy task."

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Gears4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

I thought track deformation was only possible on the POS3?

Violater4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

"However, we have a few reservations at this point. For example, those looking for a MotorStorm-style mud-bath will be sorely disappointed. The gameplay is just as accessible and your car kicks up clouds of dirt and dust as it zips across the surface of the track but, from what we've seen, there's little in the way of track deformation. Tyre and skid marks are left in the dirt, but they don't really make much of a difference to the handling of your car."

Secondly Mortorstorm is an arcade type racer, Dirt is a Simulation type, so i think the comparison of the two should be kept to specifics.

fenderputty4196d ago

You got pwned in seconds.

weekapaugh4196d ago

bwaaaaaaaaaahhh, second thread gears has got pwned on today.

freeza4197d ago

look how small the tracks are.

Jamaicangmr4196d ago

Yeah Gears you really should spend more time playin your Xbox360 (Sinse it's your one an only GOD.) Quite jaywalkin N4G only to jump on every article spittin your brain waist then only to get your sh!t pushed in later. Cut it out dude, just buy a PS3 it's much easier than us tellin you how wrong you are.

level 3604196d ago

Can't see the point comparing this with Motorstorm, two totally different types of game only the tracks of dirt being their only similarity.