PlayCast Expands Next Generation Gaming To A New Level HipHopGamerShow 7/26/09

1. PlayCast Developer Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow (Questions Are Answered)
2. Uncharted 2 Is Sony's Gears But Better (IMO)
3. Xbox360 Profits To Bring On A New Exclusive?
4. Game Review – Afro Samurai (9 out of 10) Incredible Game

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XxSolid SnakexX3829d ago

can someone please stop this clown and his speculation

ShabzS3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

"uncharted 2 is sony's gears but better (imo) "

the man knows how to make the headlines come on ... you gotta admit that

The Matrix3829d ago

Whoa easy with the comments hiphopgamer...Uncharted is a great game and the sequel will be great but Gears is great too :)

Sonyslave33829d ago

LOL i thought sony gears of war was that Temco gears of wars clone Quantum theory.

mrv3213829d ago

I prefer adverts rather than his 'intro.' and I use intro lightly as it's a poor example of one.

I clicked off sorry, I know your supposed to give a full honest opinion on the content etc... but my god, if I can't watch it all it's not very good. It'll be approved no doubt.

Oh Uncharted 2 is not Sony's Gears, unless Gears has a good story and ACTUAL platform elements. Uncharted 2 is Sony's Uncharted 2.

egm_hiphopgamer3829d ago

what i mean by that isn't just in gameplay terms regarding uncharted 2 and gears i'm talking about the popularity. uncharted 2 is getting that system seller treatment right now just like gears on 360 and it's important and great for sony to have a title like that exclusively in their library.

BigPappaPump3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I'm glad that you made clarity to your opinion.

ShabzS3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

yup that made more sense ... they both are system sellers .. true

mac4u103829d ago

Why is the show late today Hiphop?

euchreprof3829d ago

now i can finally sit back for an hour and enjoy the show.

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The story is too old to be commented.