New Xbox 360 Model Possibly Revealed

From Xbox Evolved:

"Graphics programmer Ryan Geiss may have unveiled the new Xbox 360 rumored to be incoming as well as it's name. "

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FG5475d ago (Edited 5475d ago )

Well..that sounds simple

Blaze9295475d ago (Edited 5475d ago )

lol exactly. Not really a wow kinda name but still kinda cool.

kissmeimgreek5475d ago

hmm i thought it meat a new design... this is just the name. not really amazing news but still cool i guess.

IdleLeeSiuLung5475d ago

Maybe he is just saying the next Xbox bundle or something. Like version 3.4+ or a play on the "motion plus".

Doesn't mean anything!

commodore645475d ago (Edited 5475d ago )

makes me wonder if they will then reduce the price of the base model arcade even further, thus cementing an amazing lineup of skus at different price levels.

a $150 arcade 360 perhaps?
a $350 Natal/360+ perhaps?

jav09185475d ago

I'm with it if it don't cost too much.

JokesOnYou5475d ago

A whole lot speculation over so little info...oh well thats the usual stuff thats commonly posted on n4g.


gamesmaster5474d ago (Edited 5474d ago )

the guy came up with a 1TB sku from someone typing + on the end of xbox 360.

....wow, that's some wild speculation. anyone need hits?

FrankenLife5474d ago

Most likely the + is just a working name for MS. It may end up with the +, but that sort of thing usually isn't finalized until they are almost ready to go to print. As for the 1TB HDD, no way. The 360 uses a standard 2.5" SATA drive. At the absolute highest it will be 500gb, but most likely it will be 300gb

N4Flamers5474d ago

the + means 360+ anything else project natal is going to be in, in the future. Its pretty obvious.

What the hell, who wrote this dribble. This is what passes for news? Some idiot that cant read?

on a similar note: how much do you think MS would charge for a TB like a million dollars. I cant afford that. God help you if you live in Canada.

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Cmoney5475d ago

Looks really freaking nice.

But the name + isn't my cup of tea.

Better than psp go though

keysy4205475d ago

i know people who have multiple xboxs in case one breaks. why do people love a company that charges the hell out of them so much

Alcon Caper5475d ago

people don't want to be associated with haters, that's all

AngryTypingGuy5474d ago

It makes sense to have a built in Natal option for someone who doesn't have a 360 already, as long as the stand-alone Natal price for people who already have a 360 is the difference in price between the 360 and the rumored "360+". Get that?