The Big Three Are Here To Stay

Epic Games VP, Mark Rein, doesn't think we'll see the end of the current generation of consoles anytime soon. Rein spoke to Eurogamer this week on the prospects of a new Xbox coming anytime soon and he had this to say, "It's called Natal. That is the next Xbox." Rein sites HDTV's lack of penetration into homes as the main reason for his views.

While no one knows for sure what is up the sleeves of the executives over at that big three, Rein seems to have some very valid points. HDTV sales are increasing year by year and analysts are predicting that trend to continue. Once new HD consumers get their consoles up and running in HD it almost becomes like a whole new system, couple all of that with all three consoles abilities to be upgraded with new features and peripherals and you have a recipe for all three consoles having a long life span.

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omodis4203832d ago

Who would even want the current gen to end? Not me.

Nick2120043832d ago

I am going to say the next generation starts in 2012.

The_Zeitgeist3832d ago

To bad the world is going to end in 2012. You'll get your brand new next gen system the day before the world ends. Merry x-mas!

keysy4203832d ago

just doens't have the games. to continue to be a major competitior.

The_Zeitgeist3832d ago

As long as they have Halo, Fable, and Gears I think they are fine. You have to remember they sell the most 3rd party titles between them and Sony.