Gamebosh: The Conduit Review

The makers of The Conduit rightly felt that PS3/Xbox 360 owners were getting a better deal than Wii owners when it came to first-person shooters. Their solution? A first-person shooter designed just for the Wii.

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TheMART3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

And I just bought the EDGE for August. Their review:

"Nintendo is claiming that The Conduit might attract Halo fans to its console, but this game isn't fit to wait Master Chief's table. It is, however, a good argument for the abandonment of that pernicious and so often misleading label, 'hardcore'.

'Danger! Hight Voltage Software' shouts the developer's logo. On this evidence, it's a warning that should be taken seriously.

Score: 4 out of 10"

And they had another nice article about E3 and the so called 'hardcore' support (talking about The Conduit, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, Dead Space: Extraction):

"It seems Nintendo devides up the Wii roster by subject matter rather than quality, making The Conduit aimed at an imaginary audience of slavering gun nuts. Two out of these three games being on rails shooters shows that the company is simply out of touch with what the older proportion of its fanbase are all about."


ChickeyCantor3837d ago

So EA and Capcom make those games, and its Nintendo that is out of touch?

You know what F it, im not even going to bother.

asdr3wsfas3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

"Two out of these three games being on rails shooters shows that the company is simply out of touch with what the older proportion of its fanbase are all about."

The rail shooter RE: Umbrella Chronicles sold 1mil+. And one of those games Edge mentioned was RE: Darkside Chronicles, which is a sequel to Umbrella Chronicles earned through those sales. House of the Dead 2 and 3 sold over 1mil according to vgchartz. That's why we got HOTD: Overkill, which Sega said already made a profit. I'm 25 and rail shooters were a big part of my deciding to buy the system. It seems they do have a fan base on wii that includes some older wii gamers.

Call of Duty for wii sold over 1 million. With all the rail shooters sold I'm pretty sure that a decent number of wii owners are gun nuts.

TheMART3837d ago

@ Sidar

Nintendo is out of touch, because they themselves don't solve the problem of the lack of hardcore titles, leave it up to 3rd party and then announce those as stuff for the 'hardcore' gamer. Which EDGE just points out very good that it isn't.

@ oobob

First: selling stuff with names like Resident Evil or Call of Duty sells on its name alone. Even my Granny would buy those because of that.

Second: Selling 1 mln. copies from a game to an installed base of 50 to 60 mln. is nothing. Selling 6 million copies from Gears of War 1 when there were about 10 to 11 mln. 360 users is, or selling what, 7 Million from COD4 over lifetime etc etc. Thats selling. Selling 1 mln. on the Wii is what, at largest 2 procent of its installed base? PATHETIC!

You really can't call a shooter on rails a real shooter for gun nuts. Its the Arcade like entertainment of years back bringing some sort of easy snack to the Wii. You can't get real gun nuts gamers in that way period.

Again, EDGE is just spot on.

asdr3wsfas3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

How do you disqualify Call of Duty or Resident Evil for selling on name alone? The people who buy these games are very aware that they're shooters so it still shows there's a fan base. And both Call of Duty 3 and WaW were million plus sellers. So I guess people liked one enough to buy the other. Red Steel was a million plus FPS game with no name recognition that was also pretty terrible. Man, House of the Dead 2 and 3 Return even broke a million.

Total percentage of users doesn't matter for determining whether they have a fan base. As long as enough people buy one type of title they form a fan base for it. PS2 has 120 million users - are you going to judge the hardcore titles on it as failures because they were only purchased by a small percentage of the total installed base?

All your argument showed is that everyone on xbox likes the same type of games - watered down PC FPS titles. Gears of War 2 is the Unreal engine all over again. You know that Unreal failed among PC FPS gamers? We're a little more discriminating.

Rail shooters aren't shooters for gun nuts? I play FPS on PC (the real FPS platform) and I love rail shooters. It's pure reaction time shooting in a way FPS games can't emulate.

Edge is trolling.

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na-no-nai3837d ago

haha that guy a fool sidar. no need to bother with it. it would be nice if nintendo made some shooting games but i know they wont

asdr3wsfas3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Sin and Punishment 2 is a shooting game being made by Nintendo. We're all excited for it. I believe it's being released later this year and has been in development for some time. The original was an exclusive Japanese release for n64 that through popular demand was released in the US over the virtual console.

KILLA J3837d ago

especially when the online is so broken........... oh well.......

ChickeyCantor3837d ago

you didn't play the game...did you?
So what would you know/

You know the troll zone is the invisible tab next to the open Zone, Try to click it =). May you find your place.

EvilTwin3836d ago

Funny, I haven't had any more trouble playing online with Conduit than I have with any other game.

...maybe that's because I'm actually playing it, while you're just trying to rile people up?